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In Kanauj on Diwali, a girl who went to gather in a piggy bank was found covered in blood, she was asking for help in pain, the crowd was making a video.

Kannauj: A 13-year-old girl was found in a pool of blood in UP’s Kanauj. Due to this incident, the police department is in chaos. Immediately the police reached the spot and then the police immediately took him in their arms and ran for treatment. Before this, the people gathered at the spot started making a video of the girl. The girl continued to cry for help but the crowd continued to take photos and videos. The police have admitted the victim girl to the medical college and have started further action. However, seeing the girl’s condition is critical, the doctors of the medical college have referred her to Kanpur. The police have registered a case and started investigation in the entire matter.

A 13-year-old girl from Kotwali Gursahaiganj area had gone to the market to buy a clay piggy bank from home at around 12 noon a day ago. Meanwhile, someone kidnapped him. When the girl did not reach home for several hours, the family members searched for her. Around 5 pm, the girl was found lying in an intoxicated condition behind Dak Bangla Guest House. This was reported to the police. As soon as the police received the information, the police reached the spot, seeing the condition of the girl, there was a panic and the police admitted the girl to a private hospital in Gursahaiganj. From where he was admitted to Government Medical College, Tirwa. But seeing the condition of the girl getting serious, the doctors of the medical college referred her to Kanpur.

Fear of attack if defending during rape

The girl’s family members say that she was abducted only to rape her. He must have been attacked as the girl resisted, injuring her badly. Thinking the girl dead, the miscreants must have thrown her in a secluded place and ran away. After the incident, the police have registered a case in this matter and are continuously investigating. The police are examining the CCTV footage from the girl’s house to the market and from the market to Dak Bungalow guest house in this case. Meanwhile, the police have also got a CCTV footage. In this, the victim girl is seen talking to a young man. On the basis of the footage, the police is trying to identify the youth.

The crowd remained a spectacle, did not help the girl

A shameful picture of this incident has also come out, in which the girl was suffering in an injured condition. Crowds of people were making videos from mobile phones seeing the girl as a tormented spectator. No one tried to take the girl to the hospital. It is being told that the girl was frantically shouting for help from the people standing in front. However, people were busy taking photos and making videos. We do not claim mob identity, but we cannot stand with those who make a spectacle of the dignity of the girl child.

The police have taken action in the entire case

SP Kunwar Anupam Singh said that on the information that a 13-year-old girl was found injured in Gursahaiganj area, the local police immediately rushed her to the hospital for treatment. On the complaint of family members, preliminary legal action is being taken by registering a case under the relevant sections, the incident will be exposed soon.
Report – Pankaj Srivastava


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