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In a country of 85% whites, what did Shashi Tharoor say when Rishi Sunak became a black Prime Minister?

New Delhi: Rishi Sunak of Indian origin has created history by becoming the Prime Minister in Britain. Sunak is receiving continuous congratulations from European countries including America for becoming the Prime Minister. After Sunak became the Prime Minister, happiness is being celebrated in India. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has said many things about Rishi Sunak becoming the Prime Minister. Tharoor says Rishi Sunak’s appointment as British Prime Minister is a ‘surprising’ development. Talking to news agency ANI, Tharoor said that this shows that Britain has left its ‘racism’ behind. Tharoor described the decision as extraordinary on several levels.

A black PM in a country with 85 percent whites
Tharoor said that first because they (Sunks) are not of English, Scottish or Anglo-Saxon origin. He belongs to a completely different caste. The Congress leader says that becoming the Prime Minister of a country where 85 percent of the people are white is really a remarkable thing. He said that the second biggest thing is that their religion is also different. In Britain, there is an established church. Christianity is the official religion of the state. In such a situation the Rishi Sanakas follow Hinduism. Not only this, he took oath as Chancellor in 2015 by placing his hand on Bhagavad Gita.

The wheel of time turned, even the British would not have thought.
Chancellor to PM in 7 years
The Congress leader said that the third thing is that he became the chancellor only in 2015. In such a situation, he became the finance minister within five years. Not only this, within seven years he also became the Prime Minister of Britain. This is a surprising move. The Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram said he praised the British for leaving behind the spirit of ‘racism’. Tharoor said that you can see that Britain has increased its racism. Britain has shown great willingness to mix and accept people of other religious beliefs. He said that Sunak has good experience in managing the economy. He was the right person for it.
Rishi Sunak should be praised but opposition leaders are playing politics…BJP attacks Congress
India does not expect any concession
Former Minister of State for External Affairs Tharoor said that this has many lessons for India. Tharoor said that our country should recognize merit among other things. We must look beyond certain considerations such as caste and religion and recognize whether a country has merit or not. Tharoor, however, said it would be wrong for anyone to expect any concessions from him on relations with India. Tharoor said Rishi Sunak is British. His job will be to promote Britain’s national interests. The Congress leader said that it would be wrong for us to expect anything else from him just because of Indian relations.


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