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Imran Khan: Will the 24 ‘Lotte’ Imran government sink? Rebel MPs and army quit together, find out what happens in Pakistani politics ‘Lota’

Islamabad: Pakistan is currently in a state of political turmoil. The opposition has rallied against the Imran government and demanded the resignation of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. Seeing Imran Khan’s seat shattered, some MPs are also raising voices against him. About two dozen PTI MPs have turned against Imran Khan. On Friday, the MPs were hiding in Pakistan’s Sindh House, against which people were protesting outside. Let us know how this flame came into Pakistan’s politics.

About two dozen PTI MPs hid in the Sindh House on Friday to escape the wrath of PTI workers and Imran supporters. PTI activists, including MNA Ataullah Niazi, took part in the protest. People chanted slogans in support of Imran Khan and against PTI MPs and crushed Lotte with their feet. In Pakistani politics, ‘lota’ is considered an insulting term used for defectors.

Violent protests against MPs outside Sindh House
The protests of these members initially started peacefully but soon turned violent as the protesters broke down the gate and stormed inside Sindh House. The protesters demanded the expulsion of MNA Raja Riaz from the party. Protesters carried placards and posters depicting MNA faces in black ink. Pakistani journalist Murtaza Ali Shah has shared a video in which Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan himself explains what ‘Lota’ means.

Imran Khan said, what is Lota?
The video looks quite old. Imran Khan is saying, “Lota means the person who sees the opportunity and goes from a weak party to a big party, that is, where there is strength, there is Lota.” Imran Khan is saying that if one goes from a strong party to a weak party, he cannot be called Lota and for a weak party he gives the example of his party. Khan said that just changing party is not a big deal, similarly Muhammad Ali Jinnah also changed party, so changing party is not a crime.

Two dozen ‘sticks’ have become a problem for Imran Khan
This video is from a time when Imran Khan’s party was not in power. In a video of Friday’s demonstration from Pakistan, the crowd can be seen waving in the air. Imran Khan, known for his resilient opposition to the country’s ruling governments, as well as a popular sports personality, came to power in 2018. He is believed to have the backing of the country’s powerful military establishment. But as 2022 completes four years of his rule as the country’s prime minister, Khan faces a major political challenge, as more than two dozen members and allies of his party have now revolted. .

It is becoming difficult for Imran Khan to save his seat.
The issue of a no-confidence motion against Khan is now heating up in the National Assembly of Pakistan, which has added to his woes. Politics in Pakistan has taken an ugly turn in the context of Khan as a game of power and political maneuvering by the opposition alliance has already begun to show signs of danger, making it difficult for the Prime Minister to defend his seat. Has gone The 24 disgruntled MNAs (members of the National Assembly) of Khan’s political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have come out openly and are in favor of a no-confidence motion against Khan.
Pakistan no-confidence motion: What is the connection between Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s chair and Lotte, violent protests in Islamabad
The army also sided with Imran Khan, saying: “We are neutral
The chaotic political situation is believed to have fueled controversy within Khan’s ruling party. This is also believed to be due to the fact that even the prime minister’s original and strongest supporters have now split, leaving Khan to fight the political battle on his own. The military establishment, believed to be the driving force behind Imran Khan’s government, has withdrawn its support, saying the army would remain neutral in the current political climate in the country. The military has not shown any sign of support for Khan, which has created political turmoil within the PTI to create uncertainty over Khan’s candidacy for the PM’s job, as he is currently out of the National Assembly. With five votes, the country’s prime minister is sitting on the sidelines.

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