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Imran Khan on India: Imran Khan builds bridges of praise for India, says salute to India’s foreign policy

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday publicly praised India’s foreign policy, saying “our neighbor’s foreign policy is for its people.” He said India was a member of the quad but was also buying oil from Russia despite the sanctions. Addressing a rally in Dargai tehsil of Malakand district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Khan said he was ready to pardon and bring back his party’s rebel MPs.

Addressing the people of Pakistan, Imran Khan attacked the European Union. He accused his ambassadors of violating diplomatic protocol and said he was afraid to tell India what he was saying to Pakistan, such as condemning the Russian attack on Ukraine. Surprisingly in this public meeting, Imran Khan built bridges of praise for India from the open platform.

‘Salute to India’
“I salute India today,” said Imran Khan. He has always pursued an independent foreign policy. Today, India has an alliance with the US and buys oil from Russia while sanctions are in place because India’s policy is for its people. Addressing the PTI rebel MPs at the Jan Sabha, Imran Khan said that the whole country would understand that the MPs had sold their conscience by voting for the thieves.
Pakistan’s Politics: Imran Khan Strictly Reveals Notice To Rebel MPs Of His Party
Imran warns rebel MPs
“You will not be able to attend public functions and no one will marry your children when they grow up,” he said. “We all make mistakes,” Khan said. Allah also forgives His servants. I am the Father’s personality to all of you. But for the sake of Allah, do not make such a big mistake. Think about the future of your children. He said it was time for the people of Pakistan to take a decision. The youth of Dargai will support the party which has worked for Pakistan.

Will Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran be able to complete his term for the first time?
Pakistan’s opposition is united, with several MPs from Imran’s party also against him, and in the midst of all this, a no-confidence motion will be moved against him in the National Assembly. If the proposal is accepted, voting will take place. In the arithmetic of MPs, the Imran government is currently in the minority. In the 75-year history of Pakistan, not a single Prime Minister of Pakistan has completed his five-year term. Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan before Imran Khan, was disqualified by the Supreme Court after being found guilty in the Panama case and had to resign.


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