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Imran Khan News: Imran Khan’s announcement of freedom march, PTI attack on October 28 from Lahore to Islamabad

Islamabad: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has announced a real freedom march. He said that on October 28, supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will march from Liberty Chowk in Lahore to Islamabad. In Lahore, Imran Khan said that the march will start at 11 am from Liberty Chowk and he himself will lead it. On the other hand, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has threatened that if Imran Khan takes out the freedom march, the army will be deployed in Islamabad. The Pakistani army has also already instructed that tampering with the country’s security will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The purpose of this rally is to gather people’s support against the Shahbaz Sharif government.

A rally will be held from Lahore to Islamabad
Imran Khan said that this is our march for real freedom and it has no time limit. We will reach Islamabad via GT Road and will reach Islamabad from every part of Pakistani country. Imran claimed that I am predicting that this will be the largest gathering of people in the history of the country. He clarified that the long march is not political but a war for the future of Pakistan. This is beyond politics, this is a fight for freedom from these thieves imposed on us. This Jihad will determine where the country will go.

Imran explained the purpose of the rally
Elaborating on the demands of the march, Imran Khan said that we want only one thing: “Who will lead the country, it is for the people to decide. We want the people to decide. Today I am appealing to the entire country. Yes.” It is for you to decide. He said that the protest will be peaceful. We are not going to break the law or go into the red zone. Whatever will happen in Islamabad will be as per the permission given to us by the courts. We have said. Everyone keep calm and we will show where the country stands.

Blame the violence on the government
The PTI chief said that we had earlier planned a long march. We protested peacefully on May 25 but they attacked us with violence. And if I had not stopped it, the next day there would have been riots and bloodshed in the country. So, to save my country and prevent chaos, I shut it down. Imran added that he wanted to clarify the purpose of the march as he was being accused of being irresponsible.


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