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If you want to stay at in-law’s house, do halala with brother-in-law, husband gave triple divorce in full panchayat for not bringing dowry.

Muzaffarpur: A sensational case has come to light from Bihar’s Muzaffarpur. Here a woman is being pressured for halala after triple talaq. The in-laws put pressure on the woman that her husband will remarry only after her sister-in-law or Nandoi is halala, only then she will be able to live in her in-laws house. However, the woman has refused to do Halala and has complained to the police station. Apart from this, the woman has appealed for justice by submitting an application to the Human Rights Commission.

It is being told that the woman who refused Halala had reached her in-laws house on August 21. At that time he was beaten up and driven away from there. After this, the woman reached Sakra police station and lodged an FIR. The woman also appealed to human rights. On the application of the woman, the human rights team reached her house and investigated the matter. Let it be said that on August 26, a case was registered by the woman in the police station, after which the police is investigating the matter.

Husband lives in Kolkata
According to information, the woman’s husband lives in Kolkata and does business there. It is being told that the woman was divorced three times by her husband in front of the panchayat. The police will also record the statements of the people involved in the panchayat. Father-in-law, mother-in-law, maternal grandfather and brother-in-law have been made accused in the registered case. The father-in-law is also accused of keeping a wrong eye. At present, the police are investigating the matter.

First tortured for dowry then triple talaq
The woman said that after marriage she was living properly at her in-laws house. Meanwhile, a son was also born. After this, the husband started repeatedly harassing her, including other in-laws, to get Rs 10 lakh in cash and five pieces of gold as dowry. A year and a half ago, she was beaten and thrown out of the house for dowry. Then in April 2021, the father held an in-law house panchayat. In this panchayat, the husband gave three divorces. Since then the in-laws have been putting pressure on Halala.


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