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If you understand the politics of Bihar, then know! When and where to sit, the journalists’ heads were confused

Patna: Bihar’s circular politics has messed up journalists. It is becoming difficult to say when and where. It has been a chess move of politicians who invoke ideologies and relationships. They are trying to fit their pieces on every corner. All eyes are on 2024 (Lok Sabha) and 2025 (Bihar Vidhan Sabha). According to the pieces are being fixed. The public is nowhere in the saddle. Famous journalists who claim to know the direction of power have come to their heads. Another soothing break comes as you close your eyes with a cold oil on your forehead. The poor manage somehow. Common people do not understand who they have voted for, for what purpose? They think that when everything was bitter in Patna, then why were they hugging each other and telling about each other’s condition? Why was so much spent on elections? Why were so many helicopters flown?

News after August 10 is only news
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar made a record of taking oath for the eighth time on 10 August 2022. Before August 9, no one knew that he was going to make a comeback once again. But he did it. How much has not been said about the Lalu family to save power in the 2020 assembly elections. But after resigning on August 9, he went straight to 10 Circular Road i.e. Rabri Awas to seek support for power. These things are not only applicable to Nitish Kumar, but Tejashwi Yadav also spoke many ‘good words’ for his ‘uncle’. But on August 10, he was being posed for a hug in the Raj Bhawan of Patna. Called for socialism. Well, this is the character of politics, neither Nitish Kumar nor Lalu’s successor Tejashwi was playing this game for the chair. The media was busy explaining it in their own way.

Bihar: Why Nitish blossomed with PK, 2015 duo will be able to perform well in 2024? Know those 8 questions
Nitish traveled from Pataliputra to Hastinapur
When everything was settled in Bihar, Nitish started expanding his circle. Posters were put up one after the other in Patna. PM Modi was targeted by the Lalu family. It seemed like only yesterday that Nitish Kumar was about to take oath at Delhi’s Central Hall. The political temperature of the country remained high for 48 hours. After this, Nitish Kumar’s ‘Delhi Coup Plan’ was put before the media. An army of journalists was deployed from Patna to Delhi. As soon as he reached Delhi, he first knocked on the door of Congress heir Rahul Gandhi. Earlier he (Nitish Kumar) had made it clear that he is not a candidate for the post of Prime Minister in 2024. Perhaps the air of Delhi made him realize this. After staying in Delhi for three days, Nitish Kumar churned. Sometimes tea cakes at this door and sometimes coffee biscuits at that door. Flash and flash flashed. Keep taking photos. Journalists were asking questions while wiping sweat in the Delhi heat. After this, Nitish Kumar returned to Patna.

Bihar: Why did PK choose Dinkar’s poem to say no to Nitish? understand
PK couldn’t handle the dinner table
Where was the 24*7 politician Nitish Kumar going to sit in peace. They eat, drink, dress and sleep politics. So he sent a phone call to his old friend Pawan Verma. Arranged stay at State Guest House. At the dinner table the game of political setting began. In fact, Nitish’s trouble in Bihar was less BJP, more Prashant Kishore. Prashant Kishore and Pawan Verma’s friendship is very old. Nitish Kumar did not want to call Prashant Kishore directly. So he got a message through Pawan Verma. PK could not avoid Pawan’s words. After two days of hard work he was ready. He (Prashant Kishore) struck up a friendship with Pawan Verma. Both Prashant and Pawan Verma were present at the dinner table along with Nitish Kumar on Wednesday. Nitish Kumar spoke his heart out to his old friends. But this secret meeting was leaked to the media. Journalists directly asked Nitish for confirmation. He agreed to meet but did not reveal what happened. Guessed that Nitish’s talk with PK didn’t go well. The next day, Prashant Kishore tweeted Dinkar’s poem and said that the path he was on, he would not look back. Well, it is difficult to say when politics will turn 360 degrees. As usual journalists are scratching their heads.


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