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If I was wrong then you were not right either, suicide note found in iPad of MBBS student from Jaipur reveals secrets

Jaipur: Surprising revelations have come to light in the case of suicide of an MBBS student at SMS Medical College, the largest hospital in the state. Student Aman wrote a suicide note on his iPad. Although he did not directly blame anyone in the suicide note, he did express his pain in the five-page suicide note. In the suicide note, Aman accused a young woman and acquitted her. “If I was wrong, you were not right,” Aman wrote. The suicide note was written in both English and Hindi.

No one was directly convicted in the suicide note
According to the police, the reasons for the suicide of the youth are not clearly disclosed in the suicide note, but in the suicide it has become clear that the youth was angry about something. At the same time, he is accusing a girl, claiming his innocence in the case.

Deleted Instagram at night, hanged in the morning, SMS Medical College student’s suicide Sensation in Jaipur

The police will question the friends
According to the information received, after the suicide note found in the youth’s iPad, the police will now proceed with the investigation in this case. Aman’s friends will now also be questioned on the basis of the suicide note found on the iPad. At the same time, an attempt will be made to find out the incident. Aman was a third year MBBS student at SMS Medical College, Jaipur. Aman, who hails from Himachal Pradesh, was very promising in his studies. He had passed NEET for the first time.


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