Thursday, September 29, 2022
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IAS Niaz Khan’s big statement on Kashmir files, says:

Bhopal: Controversy continues over Kashmir file Now in this case S. in Madhya Pradesh IAS officer Niaz Khan (IAS Niaz Khan) has also jumped. However, he did not name anyone. He tweeted that producers should also make films on the killings of Muslims in many states of the country, Muslims are human beings, not insects.

In fact, Niaz Khan, an IAS officer from Madhya Pradesh, tweeted. In his first tweet, he wrote that he was thinking of writing a book on various occasions to show the genocide of Muslims so that the producers could make a film like Kashmir Files. The plight of minorities should be brought before the people of the country.

In another tweet, Nias Khan wrote that Kashmir files show the pain of Brahmins. They should be allowed to remain safe in Kashmir with full dignity. The producer should make a film to show the massacre of Muslims in large numbers in many states. Muslims are not insects but human beings and citizens of the country.

Who is Niaz Khan?
Niaz Khan is an IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre. He is presently posted as Deputy Secretary, PWD. He has written many books. Niaz is also conducting research to erase the violent image of his religion. He believes that there is a bad image of many organizations behind the defamation of Islam.


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