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I admire your foreign minister, watch his speeches… UAE minister praises Jaishankar

New Delhi: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is creating a new image of India in the world. This is not the statement of a leader of the ruling party, it is the opinion of a senior minister of the Gulf country UAE. United Arab Emirates (UAE) Minister of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Omar Sultan Al Olama praised Jaishankar on Wednesday. The occasion was a conference organized by a think-tank in Delhi. Many Union Ministers and MPs also participated in it. In the presence of everyone, Umar said that he is very impressed with the way Jaishankar is advancing India’s foreign policy in the geopolitical war. Omar said, ‘Historically the world was unipolar, bipolar or tripolar, where you had to take sides. I am very impressed with your Minister of External Affairs… I have seen some of his speeches.’ Omar was asked how he deals with geopolitical issues.

India, UAE and America can work together
Umar added, “Ultimately, geopolitics is determined by the best interests of a few people… The model that existed historically is no more. Now the country has to think about its own interests. The minister said that If the UAE and India work together, it does not mean that India cannot work with the US. “All three of us can work together. I2U2 (India-Israel-UAE),” he said. -USA) group is a great example of this.

UAE’s AI minister said it’s time to dominate the world through business. He said that countries like India and UAE can together make their mark on the world. Umar, who joined through video conferencing, said, ‘Business is the way to dominate the world today. If countries like India and UAE can work together then we can increase our presence in the world.

are you awake In the middle of the night, Jaishankar received a phone call from PM Modi… he asked as he picked it up
Omar Sultan was almost addressing an event called CyFY2022. The Observer Research Foundation (ORF) has convened a three-day long conference in Delhi to discuss technology, security and society. There will be 28 panel discussions over the next three days. 150 times from 37 countries will participate in it.

Importance of India in Polarized World: Jaishankar
Last month, Jaishankar had said that India really matters in the current polarized world. Jaishankar had said that India is largely known as the voice of the south. Speaking to the media in September, Jaishankar said that “there is no doubt that the UN General Assembly reflects the state of the world, which is particularly polarized at the moment.” In fact, India matters in the state in which the world is. We are a bridge, we are a voice, we are a vision, a tool.’


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