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How India won the losing bet, the match was played on these 2 balls, Virat revealed

Melbourne: I don’t know how it happened, I have no words to describe the feeling. This was said by Virat Kohli after scripting India’s historic victory against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. King Kohli gave a gift to the countrymen on Diwali. Who are prone to stress in a moment-to-moment changing match. Kohli, an accountant with the ball, played the best innings of his career today. In reply to the 160-run target, India got off to a poor start, but finished well. Virat, who scored 82 runs unbeaten in 53 balls with the help of six fours and four sixes, told many secrets related to this victory after the match.

The match turned from this over

Virat Kohli says, ‘Things were very difficult. One wicket after another was falling. We had four tackles for our 34. But Hardik standing at the other end kept reassuring me. Keep saying it will happen. We hit the limit at the right time. I knew that those people would panic if Haris Rauf was attacked. 28 runs were required off 8 balls. Two sixes were needed in the 19th over. I don’t know how to explain those two sixes. After all, two-ball shots didn’t require much movement. All my focus was on watching the bowler till the last minute.

Haris Rauf was happy to hit a six

We knew he would give Nawaz the last over. Cheiku was delighted to be asked to hit Haris Rauf for a six next. Earlier Shaheen Shah Afridi also scored 17 runs in the 18th over. Fans from all corners of the world were watching us play against Pakistan. I like to play big matches, we like to find challenges. Everything is done by the one above. Now people will celebrate Diwali with joy. Happy Diwali to all. Have a happy Diwali.

Such was the thrill of the last over

Hardik Pandya was dismissed by Mohammad Nawaz on the very first ball. Dinesh Karthik took one run off the second ball and Kohli took two runs off the third ball. The fourth ball was a no ball, on which Kohli hit a six. Six runs were now required in three balls. The next ball was a wide, followed by a three-run bye but Karthik was out on the fifth ball. R Ashwin took a run on the last ball to give the team victory.

IND vs PAK: In the thrill of the last over, Virat took the victory away from Pakistan, Nawaz put the dust
Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli: Daughter watched as Anushka danced with joy, such a victory celebration at Virat’s house


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