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How daughters saved lions in Gujarat… Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the story to ‘cheetah friends’ in Kuno

Sheopur: Eight leopards brought from Namibia were released in Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh’s Sheopur district today as part of a leopard resettlement project in India. To spread awareness about cheetahs, the Shivraj government has appointed more than 400 ‘Cheetah Mitras’. These ‘cheetah friends’ will make people aware about the cheetah, tell them about the cheetah’s lifestyle. Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with these ‘cheetah friends’ today. During the conversation PM Modi Narrating an anecdote related to lions in Gujarat to ‘cheetah friends’, he narrated his experience.

PM Modi said to ‘cheetah friends’ – ‘When I went to Gujarat as Chief Minister. At that time the number of lions in Gujarat was around 300. This number was continuously decreasing. I thought that there is such a great legacy and if it continues like this, in a year or two there will be no lions left. So what should be done?

Local daughters formed forest guards to save lions: Modi
Prime Minister Modi again explained the remedy to the cheetah friends and said – after that I thought that if anyone can save the lions, it is the people of the village. After this we made 300 wildlife friends. This is from 2007. I asked the daughters there – can you come to the field? Can you live with a lion? Can you save the lion? They all got ready. Then we placed local daughters in large scale for forest guards.

PM Modi said that you are friend of leopard but be friend of all wild animals. Take care of everyone. PM asked – will take care of everything, Cheetah will get an answer from friends.

These leopards have come as guests: Modi
Earlier, Modi said that the people of the country will have to be patient for a few months to see the leopards left in the Kuno National Park. He said that today these leopards, unknown to this area, have come as guests. For these leopards to make Kuno National Park their home, we have to give these leopards a few months too.

Number of one-horned rhinos also increased: Modi
PM Modi said that along with protecting the environment, the country can also progress, India has shown this to the world. He said that the target of doubling the number of tigers has been achieved ahead of time, once the existence of one-horned rhinos was threatened in Assam, but today their numbers have also increased. He said that during the last years the number of elephants has also increased to more than 30,000. Modi said that there has been a huge increase in the number of Asiatic lions in our country and today Gujarat has emerged as the largest area of ​​Asiatic lions in the country.


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