Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Home Minister Amit Shah on the occasion of CRPF Foundation Day said that after the removal of Article 370, democracy has come to the grassroots in Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu: Union Home Minister Amit ShahAmit ShahThe BJP on Saturday said that lasting peace would prevail in the coming years in the northeast, Jammu and Kashmir and the Maoist-affected areas. Addressing the 83rd CRPF Day Parade in Jammu, Amit Shah said that a lot has happened in Jammu and Kashmir since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014. Democracy has been taken to the grassroots. Every village here has elected Panch and Sarpanch who have been given the authority to work for development at the village level. At the same time, after the removal of Article 370, the weaker sections like women and Adivasis have been ensured their proper place. Jammu and Kashmir has broken all records of road expansion, be it national highways, major or minor village roads. Seven new medical colleges, 2 AIIMS have been set up.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has been asked to play a pivotal role in the fight against Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, Naxalism and extremist forces in the Northeast in Kashmir. Central Reserve Police Force CRPF Praising the CRPF, he on Saturday asked the paramilitary forces to work out a roadmap for facing future challenges. Shah was addressing a gathering at the Maulana Azad Stadium here on the occasion of the 83rd founding day of the CRPF. This is the first time a parade has been organized outside the CRPF headquarters in Delhi-NCR.

‘CRPF deployment gives people satisfaction’
Amit Shah said in the CRPF Day Parade that CRPF is not just a central armed police force but every child of the country loves it for its bravery and courage. Whenever there are riots anywhere in the country, the deployment of CRPF gives satisfaction to the people. He said that the love and respect shown to CRPF, the largest paramilitary force in the country, was due to the sacrifice and dedication of its personnel.

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Amit Shah praised the CRPF

Amit Shah said that our leader, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee made the greatest sacrifice to ensure that there was only ‘one president, one symbol, one legislature’ (one prime minister, one flag and one constitution) in the country. He lauded the CRPF and said that whenever the CRPF was called upon to deal with any difficult situation, people breathed a sigh of relief knowing that things would get under control immediately. When China attacked us on Hot Springs on October 21, 1959, some CRPF men fought valiantly and stopped the attacker. That is why Police Memorial Day is celebrated on October 21 in every state.

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