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Hijab controversy doesn’t stop in Karnataka, 231 students drop out of exams due to lack of permission in college

Mangalore: The controversy is not over even after the Karnataka High Court’s decision in the hijab case. 231 Muslim students refuse to appear for exams at Government PU College, Upinangari, Karnataka, as they are not allowed to wear hijab. He was not allowed to enter the classroom wearing hijab.

The college cited a recent order of the Karnataka High Court dismissing the plea of ​​six Muslim students who had expressed their desire to wear hijab in the classroom. The Deputy Director of PU Education said that any person violating the order of the High Court would not be allowed to appear in the examination.

Kannada examination was held in the college on Friday. On Friday, when some Muslim students wearing hijabs came to the college in Upangari, 50 km from Mangalore, they were barred from entering the examination hall. Due to this tension spread in the college campus due to which about two and a half hundred students including boys started protesting. Everyone started wearing hijab and asking permission to sit for the exam.

The Muslim leaders of the village tried to talk to the students but many students left without taking the exam. College Principal Sudhir Kumar said, “231 second year police students, including boys, left without taking the Kannada exam.”


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