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Heatwave in March: So many months in March after so many years, know how the weather in your state will be

New Delhi: The month of April had not even begun yet in many parts of the country Summer (Heatwave in March) has begun to show its effect. People in many parts of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and UP, including the capital Delhi, are facing extreme heat. Mercury has crossed 40 in many districts. The meteorological department has forecast continuous rise in temperature for the next few days. Hot winds have been blowing in northern India for the last few days. Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat and Orissa are the states where the temperature is above normal. According to Meteorological Department officials, the weather is getting warmer due to high humidity.

The minimum temperature in Delhi is 5 degrees above normal

Sunday morning was very hot in Delhi. The city recorded a low of 21.2 degrees Celsius, five notches above normal. The maximum temperature at Pitampura was recorded at 39.9 degrees Celsius on Sunday. The people of Delhi are not expecting any relief from the heat. There will be a slight increase in minimum and maximum temperatures for the next one week. Mahesh Plavat, vice-president of Skymet Weather, said that it will be hot for a few days now. The current weather conditions are not normal. This time summer has come ahead of time.

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Mercury has crossed 40 in many parts of Rajasthan

The maximum day temperature in most parts of Rajasthan is above 40 degrees. According to the Meteorological Department, Jaipur, Banswara recorded the highest temperature of 42.4 degrees Celsius in the last 24 hours. The maximum temperature was 42.2 degrees in Phalodi, 41.7 degrees in Dungarpur, 41.3 degrees in Tonk, 41.2 degrees in Pilani, 41.0 degrees in Barmer and 40.7-40.7 degrees in Bikaner. Degree Celsius was recorded. Churu and Nagaur recorded 40.6 degrees Celsius and 40.5 degrees Celsius respectively.

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Hot winds from the northwest have raised the mercury in UP

Hot air has disturbed people in many parts of UP. In many districts of western Uttar Pradesh, the daytime temperature has risen by three to four degrees above normal. Even at night the heat is disturbed. Meteorologists say the daytime temperature has been rising for the past few days. Due to the high temperature, the heat wave continues in the afternoon. According to the meteorological department, hot winds are blowing from the north-west, which is having an effect. At present, there is no possibility of rain in the state.

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Mercury has crossed 40 in four districts of Madhya Pradesh

The effect of heat is already being felt in Madhya Pradesh. This time the summer has started ahead of time. According to the meteorological department, as the sun begins to move towards the northern hemisphere, the western hurricane also starts moving towards the north in the upper latitudes. Temperatures are also very high in most parts of northern India. However, as far as rains are concerned, there is no possibility of rains in almost the entire state for the next few days. Mercury above 40 degrees was recorded in four districts of Madhya Pradesh on Sunday.


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