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Gurugram police arrest ‘Gabbar’ for smuggling arms in Delhi-NCR

Yogesh Kumar, Gurugram: Gurugram Police Crime Branch has arrested Abhishek alias Gabbar, a mastermind of arms smuggling. The crime branch has recovered 25 illegal weapons from Gabbar’s possession. Police have recovered it and are investigating the matter. Gabbar, a resident of UP, has long been involved in the black market of arms smuggling. After all, who was to supply this consignment of arms and who is involved in this game of arms smuggling, now the crime branch is investigating the matter from this angle.

The crime branch of the police has exposed the case while exposing a major conspiracy involved in arms smuggling. In fact, the Crime Unit Sector-17 had received information that arms smuggler Abhishek alias Gabbar was going to supply a consignment of illegal arms at Gurugram, after which the Crime Branch set a trap in Manesar area and arrested Mastermind Gabbar. Has done

25 weapons recovered, 2 live ammunition also recovered
DCP Crime Rajiv Deswal said, “We had confidential information to supply arms to the NCR. The operation is being led by ACP Brijpal. Abhishek alias Gabbar has been arrested near Manesar. He is a resident of Aligarh, UP. Inquiries will be made as to where and where the weapons have already been supplied. A total of 25 weapons, including two live ammunition, were recovered from him. Weapons have been brought from UP.

Police are investigating the crime
The crime branch has recovered two dozen illegal pistols from Abhishek’s possession. In this case, if DCP is to be considered a crime, then in the initial interrogation, Abhishek revealed that all the weapons were brought from Aligarh, UP to Gurugram and all these weapons were to be supplied by him. Police have launched an investigation into the horoscope of arrested arms smuggler Gabbar.

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Abhishek in Gurugram police custody


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