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Gunjan Singh targets caste in new Bhojpuri song? Such a song was composed on Babus and Ahirs

A few months ago, the Bhojpuri industry witnessed a series of controversies. Sometimes there were quarrels between Pawan Singh and Khesari and sometimes there was a quarrel between Khesari and Arvind Akela Kallu over a particular caste. Kallu later apologized for it. Meanwhile, Gunjan Singh has also come up with a music video based on caste. The lyrics of that song are, ‘Babuan ke dil diha ahiran ke fil diha’ (Babuan ke dil diha ahiran ke mehsus diha). Now the question is what they want to convey through this song.

Bhojpuri singer Sunny Leone’s actress Prachi Singh is also seen with Gunjan Singh in the Bhojpuri song ‘Babuan ke dil diha ahiran ke fil diha’ (Babuan ke dil diha ahiran ke mehsa gaya). At this, the actress says to him, “You ask, touch me, you are the real Babu, Yadav ji ke maal tu.” At this, Gunjan says to him, “We don’t know what to do. Later Prachi says ‘Hamara ke dhara mat diha’ and Gunjan again says, ‘Babu’s heart diha ahiran ke fil diha’. Overall, the song is about caste. The question then arises as to what the song is trying to convey to the people. Because even before this there has been a quarrel between the two big stars over caste.

Anil Kabra is the producer of Bhojpuri song ‘Babu Ahiran’. Gunjan Singh and Antra Singh Priyanka (Gunjan Singh-Antra Singh Priyanka). The creative creator is Gopal Singh. The video director is Jitu Bhojpuria. The composer is Anuj Tiwari. The lyricist is Yadav Mukesh. All rights to this song are with IECL Bhojpuri.

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Controversy between Kallu and Khesari over ‘memories’

If you remember that there has already been a quarrel between Khesri Lal Yadav and Arvind Akela Kallu (Khesari-Arvind Akela Kallu controversy) over Yadavs. In fact, at an event, Kallu changed Khesari’s song ‘Aunty Ke Bachi Sapnava Mein Aati Hai’ to ‘Yadav Ji’s daughter Sapnava Mein Aati Hai’, after which Khesri went live on the issue and Was asked to do something like that. Songs of a particular caste were highly criticized. The actor had also said, “It is not right for any artist to sing on a particular caste because you are raising the honor of someone’s house from the stage.” However, Kallu has since apologized for it.

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