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Gujarat Elections: Congress Surrenders In Gujarat Or Is There A Secret Strategy? learn

Ahmedabad: Did Congress really? Gujarat Assembly Elections Surrendered further? Or is there a hidden strategy behind low profile campaigning? These have emerged as two of the biggest questions being asked in the political corridors over the past few days. All the Gujarat Congress leaders were in Delhi recently to answer this. Arguably, most of the questions were asked on this issue.

A provincial leader admitted in this case that he was weak in campaigning but then explained a strategy of the party. Citing the example of the 2017 assembly elections, he said that he could not sustain the high voltage campaign till the end and lost completely to the BJP in the last fortnight. Taking a lesson from him, this time his focus is on door-to-door public relations campaign.

The promotion of high voltage will take place after Diwali
Along with this, full attention is being given to booth management. Now there is a plan to start high voltage campaign after Diwali. He claims that this time there will be a bigger high voltage hype than 2017. But they believe that the Hardik Patel-Alpesh-Jignesh trio also contributed behind the scenes last time, out of which only Jignesh is with the party this time. Hardik and Alpesh have joined BJP.


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