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Going to the toilet is more expensive than eating in this cafe, what is special? See the bill

Washington: There’s a saying that nothing in life comes for free, but one cafe in Guatemala is taking that saying a little too seriously. The name of La Esquina Coffee Shop is going viral on social media for some ‘wrong reasons’. In fact, apart from coffee, the cafe charged a customer to use the toilet. When Nelsy Cordova got her coffee bill, she was shocked. Toilet fees were attached separately in the bill. He shared a photo of the bill on Twitter, in which money was attached separately for his use of the washroom in the name of ‘occupational space’.

The surprising thing was that the money for going to the toilet was more than the food. Social media users were outraged after seeing the bill and criticized the restaurant and termed the money as ‘disgraceful’. A user commented on the photo, ‘I’m surprised that they didn’t take money for air in the restaurant.’ Another user wrote, ‘I’ve been here, it’s always empty, now understand why.’

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The cafe issued a statement
The restaurant said in a statement that we are sorry for this incident. This is a serious and unintended error that has been corrected in our system. We are trying our best to contact that customer for a refund. This is not the first time a restaurant has come under fire for its bill. The restaurants of Turkish chef Nusrat Goksh, popularly known as ‘Salt Bay’ on social media, are often trolled for having very expensive food in different countries.

The restaurant was trolled for eating 38 lakhs
Last year the chef opened his 15th restaurant in London. After having dinner at the restaurant, a customer shared the photo of the bill on social media. 22 food and drink items were included in this bill, the price of which was 37,023.10 pounds i.e. about 38 lakh rupees. The bill also includes a service charge of £5,000. One user wrote, ‘This is a generous way of pretending. Sharing his £30,000 food bill and then criticizing the high prices.


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