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Glass Inside Woman: Pain in a woman’s genitals for four years, a piece of glass stuck, how did she get inside?

Tunisia: Even a piece of glass, if it hits the body, can cause serious injury and severe pain. But a piece of glass had been in a Tunisian woman’s body for four years. The case has taken doctors by surprise. The case came to light last year when a 45-year-old woman suffered a sharp pain in her genitals. When she went to the doctor, the examination revealed that a piece of glass was stuck in her bladder, which was surgically removed.

This piece of glass had been bothering the woman for four years. According to the New York Post, the woman had to go to the bathroom several times a day. He often felt pain in his genitals. Initially, the woman did not take it seriously and survived by treating it as a urinary tract infection. But when the pain got worse, she had to go to the doctor for treatment. What came out of the investigation was shocking.
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Open surgery gives woman new life
Doctors found an 8-centimeter-wide piece of glass in the woman’s bladder that had penetrated her private parts. Surprisingly, the piece had been inside the woman’s body for four years. Doctors resuscitated the woman through open surgery and she was discharged from the hospital a few days later. The case is set for the end of 2021, but pictures of the operation and a piece of glass are now being shared on social media.

How did a piece of glass get inside the body?
Now the question arises as to how such a large piece of glass got inside the woman’s body. According to the report, the woman herself revealed that many years ago she used a glass tumbler as a sex toy. But the Habib Bourguiba Hospital in Suffolk, which worked on the woman, did not comment.


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