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Girlfriend used to take bath once in two weeks, boyfriend used to sleep on couch to avoid bad smell, this is the end of three year love story

Washington: A man has revealed that his girlfriend used to bathe once in two weeks, which led to their breakup. The boy said he was in love with his partner, but his girlfriend refused to take regular baths. When he saw this, he started sleeping on the couch to avoid the stench. The boyfriend revealed on the public discussion website Reddit that he had been with his girlfriend for three years, but never paid attention to her hygiene.

He wrote, ‘I love him, but I have never seen this habit of his before. She used to bathe once in two weeks. I had never noticed a smell until we started living together. I think she used to take bath before meeting me. The man went on to write that after a few months he started talking about it because it became difficult to sleep with him.
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What was the reaction of the girlfriend?
He further wrote, ‘I tried to stay with my girlfriend, but after a few months I got fed up. I was sleeping on the couch to avoid the horrible smell. I tried to talk to him about it. He further wrote that with good intentions he tried to convince his girlfriend. But hearing such a thing made him angry. She started shouting at him. The boyfriend asked people if he had done something wrong by starting such a conversation.
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What the user said
According to a Dailystar report, one user wrote, ‘I take a bath once every two days but still I can’t imagine how she used to live in such a mess?’ Another user wrote, ‘This is too bad. He should have bathed at least every other day. Even if he does not bathe his head every day. Another wrote that people who hate bathing the most also shower at least every 3-4 days.


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