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Gehlot’s favorite IPS Umesh Mishra became the new chief of Rajasthan Police leaving three senior officers behind.

Jaipur, IPS Umesh Mishra, believed to be close to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, will be the new chief of the Rajasthan Police Force. The state government has issued orders in this regard. The current Director General of Police Mohanlal Lather is retiring on November 3. In such a situation, a DoPT meeting was held in Delhi on Wednesday, October 26 to discuss the name of the new DGP, in which UPSC officials including the state chief secretary participated. A panel of names of IPS officers was sent by the state government. After discussion a name was decided. Late in the evening of Thursday 27 November, the Personnel Department issued orders appointing Umesh Mishra as the new Director General of Police. Mishra is a 1989 batch IPS.

Umesh Mishra of 1989 batch has left behind three officers of 1988 batch.

Generally, there is a tradition of making the most senior officer as the chief in the police force, but in the last few years this tradition has been ignored and an opportunity has been given to the chief minister’s favorite officer to become the chief. The new DGP Umesh Mishra is a 1989 batch officer while three senior IPS officers of 1988 batch Pankaj Kumar Singh, Bhagwanlal Soni and Utkal Ranjan Sahu are in Rajasthan Police. Pankaj Kumar Singh is currently the Director General of Border Secretary Force (BSF), Delhi on deputation. IPS Bhagwan Lal Soni is the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau while IPS Utkal Ranjan Sahu is the Director General of the Prisons Department. Umesh Mishra has now become the head of the entire police force leaving behind three senior officers.
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6 posts of DG approved in Rajasthan Police

At present there are 6 posts of Director General in the Police Department. One of them is the Director General of the entire police department, while the other has been made the Director General of other departments attached to the police force. 1987 batch IPS Mohanlal Lather is the senior most. There are three IPS from 1988 batch, they are Pankaj Kumar Singh, Bhagwan Lal Soni and Utkal Ranjan Sahu. All three are DG rank officers. There are three IPS officers of 1989 batch. They include Bhupendra Kumar Dak, Umesh Mishra and Neena Singh. Bhupendra Kumar Dak is the Director General of the Prisons Department while Umesh Mishra is currently the Director General of the Intelligence Department. IPS Neena Singh is ADG and is Additional Director General in CISF on deputation to the Central Government.
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This is how the decision on the name of the new chief is made

Be it the police department or the entire bureaucracy of Rajasthan. There is a definite method for head selection. A panel of names of senior officers has been prepared. On that panel, a meeting is held with officials of the Personnel and Training Department of the Central Government. Heads of state government bureaucracy attend this meeting. The head of the bureaucracy proposed the name of an official as the new chief during the panel’s discussion on names. After this, the officials present in the meeting take the final decision on it. Generally, the name of the Chief Minister of the state is preceded by the head of the bureaucracy. Due to this, it has been decided to stamp this name.
Report – Ramswaroop Lamor

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