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Gaya gangrape case: 4 people absconded after robbing Asmat, police got involved in border dispute instead of arresting

gone Gaya, the religious city of Bihar, has been put to shame once again. Here 4 friends have gang-raped a woman together. One of the accused is said to be an acquaintance of the accused woman. After the incident, the district police have lost their sleep. The victim has filed a written complaint in Sadar police station. In which it is stated that one of the accused is an acquaintance of the victim, while three are said to be friends of that acquaintance.

Gang rape of woman
The gang rape incident took place in Chandauti Buniadganj area of ​​Gaya district. Due to non-availability of police area, any police station is avoiding to answer. Policemen are engaged in playing hat transfer game on each other. The police were confused for hours over the border dispute. After this, the matter was transferred to Mahila police station.

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Police involved in the dispute of police station area
How serious the police are about the incident can be estimated from the fact that the policemen could not clear the police station area for hours. At the same time, the female police officer Ravi Ranjana said that the victim has given a complaint of gang rape. Thana Sadar has not been clarified yet. On the other hand, Chandauti SHO Ranvijay Singh told the media that the incident took place in a village located on the Chandauti-Buniadganj border. The area of ​​police and police station is not yet clear.

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FIR has not been registered yet
On the other hand, like two other police stations, Buniyadganj police station chief Munna Kumar also raised the alarm of the area. Instead of informing the victim about justice and the arrest of the accused, he told that the incident did not take place in his area but in Chandauti area. Even after a sensitive incident like gang rape, the police of all the three police stations have not been able to vacate the area yet. Along with this, the accused have gone far away from the reach of the police.

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Written complaint of the woman
According to information, the victim woman had reached Gaya city to buy goods from home on the occasion of Diwali. After this, an acquaintance made him sit on the bike saying that he will take the woman home. Accompanied by an acquaintance reached a deserted area in the Chandauti-Buniadganj border region. Where three other friends of the accused youth were already present. Together, these four gang-raped the woman and escaped leaving her alone.


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