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Free trade, foreign… How did Rishi Sunak become British Prime Minister for India? Know what will be the effect

London: Indian-British citizen Rishi Sunak becoming the Prime Minister of Britain on Tuesday could change India-Britain relations in a big way. After losing the Conservative Party leadership race just seven weeks ago, Sunk made a stunning return to British politics. Sunak (42) of Indian origin has created history by becoming the new Prime Minister of Britain. On Diwali, Sunak was elected leader of the Conservative Party on Monday after Penny Mordant announced her withdrawal from the race. It turned out to be a special Diwali for the former finance minister, who became the youngest British prime minister in 210 years after meeting King Charles III at Buckingham Palace. Negotiations are going on between India and Britain regarding the Free Trade Agreement. Along with this, recently there has been progress in both the countries regarding immigrant visas.

Sunak is an advocate for India-UK relations
Rishi Sunak’s approach to India-UK relations goes beyond the opportunity for Britain to sell its goods in India and wants Britain to learn from India. When Sunak was Chancellor (Finance Minister), he said, “Britain does not have an umbrella rule on occasions. There is a lot of opportunity in India too and we must ensure that British people also have easy access to India, so that they can study in world-class institutions and work in the best startups.

Has strong ties with India
I want to make sure that our students also travel to India and learn there, working together for our companies and Indian companies, Sunak, who entered politics from a career as an investment banker, India- It will be easier to outline the UK relationship because it will. It will not be a one-way relationship, it will be a two-way relationship, I want this kind of change in the relationship.

What did Sunak say on becoming the Prime Minister?
In his first address as Prime Minister, he said that I will try to deal with the challenges we are facing today with compassion. He said that he will not leave a debt to the future generation saying that we are unable to repay ourselves. Sunak achieved a historic milestone by becoming British Prime Minister on Tuesday. He is Britain’s first non-white Prime Minister, demonstrating that modern Britain celebrates diversity. On 5 September, Sunak lost the race for Prime Minister to Conservative Party leader Liz Truss. However, Truss resigned last Thursday after 45 days in office.

Sunak’s parents are of Indian origin
Sunak’s parents, retired doctor Yashvir and pharmacist Usha Sunak, are of Indian origin and immigrated to the UK from Kenya in the 1960s. Sunak is married to Aksha Murthy, daughter of Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy. Sunak couple have two daughters. Sunk was born in Southampton. Sunak’s grandparents were born in India during the British rule, but his place of birth is in Gujranwala, now in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Sunak is Britain’s third prime minister in a year
Boris Johnson’s departure from 10 Downing Street (the official residence of the British Prime Minister) after the Partygate scandal and the failure of Liz Truss’s mini-budget in just seven weeks as Prime Minister, the new leader faces global turmoil. has to do Durr faces the difficult task of saving the economy and unifying a deeply divided Conservative Party.

Britain’s economy is going through a crisis
Sunak will take over at a time when Britain is grappling with a triple whammy of slow growth – high inflation, rising energy prices in the wake of the Ukraine war and budget failures that have undermined the country’s financial credibility internationally. They would have no choice but to raise tax rates and cut spending, which would be unpopular and could have unpredictable political consequences.

Elected MP from Richmond in 2015
Sunk, a Stanford and Oxford University graduate, was elected Member of Parliament for Richmond, Yorkshire in 2015. He held junior positions in the Finance Ministry and then became Finance Minister and launched the “Ready for Rishi” campaign for party leadership in July. Asked about the race to become Britain’s “first non-white prime minister,” Sunk said, “The biggest sacrifice I’ve made is that I’ve been a very bad husband and a very poor husband for the last few years. .” I am a father.

He took oath on Bhagavad Gita
Sunak, a devout Hindu, took the oath by placing his hand on the Bhagavad Gita when he was elected a member of the House of Commons. Even during his engagement, he continued to visit the ISKCON temple. He was the first British Chancellor to light a lamp on Diwali at the entrance to his official residence, 11 Downing Street, in office.


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