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Former Vice President Hamid Ansari questioned again after Pakistani journalist’s revelation, mention of ISI creates sensation

New Delhi: The revelation by journalist Nusrat Mirza on a Pakistani YouTube channel has created a sensation in India. Speaking to YouTuber Shakeel Chaudhry, Mirza said he had come to India at the invitation of then Vice President Hamid Ansari and Zafarul Islam Khan, founder of the English newspaper Milli Gazette. He got a lot of sensitive intelligence in India which he passed on to the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. Given to Mirza’s claim has caused a stir on social media. On microblogging platform Twitter, people are cursing Hamid Ansari and Zafarul Islam Khan, as well as the Congress party, which was in power at the Center. That was in 2011. Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister of the country at that time.

It’s explosive

Speaking on popular issues, Sonam Mahajan termed the Pakistani journalist’s revelation as “explosive”. He tweeted, “Pakistani columnist Nusrat Mirza has visited India several times during the Congress regime and is now openly claiming on camera that he passed information to ISI in India.” He claimed that he was invited by Hamid Ansari and Zafarul Islam Khan of Milli Gazette.

Pakistan India ISI: Nusrat Mirza claims Pakistani columnist who came to India under Congress rule had gathered information for ISI
NK Sood has leveled serious allegations against Hamid

The allegations leveled against Hamid Ansari by NK Sood, a former RAW official, are being recalled. Sood’s three-year-old tweet is being presented as evidence of Ansari’s suspicious personality. Sankrant Sanu, founder of Garuda Prakashan, retweeted Sood’s tweet. “Congress made Hamid Ansari vice president, no wonder,” he wrote. But the BJP ignored all this. It is very sad.

Hamid exposes Rao as ambassador to Tehran: Sood

In fact, the former RAW official tweeted that Hamid was acting against Indian interests while he was ambassador to the Iranian capital, Tehran. “I was in Tehran, Iran, and Hamid Ansari was the ambassador there,” he wrote. Ansari was instrumental in endangering the lives of his officers by exposing Rao’s setup in Tehran. He was twice elected Vice President of the country. Sankrant retweeted Sood’s tweet and also tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Such people harm India by gaining high positions.

Vikrant Kumar wrote, “(Appointed by the AAP government) Zafarul Islam Khan, chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission and editor of the Milli Gazette, has been tried for treason in 2021.” Hamid Ansari, former Ambassador of India and former Vice President. Both are accused of providing information to the ISI. (Pakistani journalist’s) visit may have been in the hope of peace. At the same time, Subhash Kumar Sharma writes, “It is an eye opener for many people. However, most people already know. The Congress, Hamid Ansari and the like have done a great disservice to India by occupying high positions. Now is the time to take stock of them all.

Nothing will happen even after the revelation!

Twitter user Shivangini says there is no point in making noise now. “There is no point in killing Cheela because no action will be taken against Hamid Ansari,” he wrote, expressing displeasure over India’s government machinery and social conditions. The courts will respect him. It is useless to tag Modi and Shah in anything. Do your work, earn money and avoid taxes as much as possible. Avoid risking your life and focus on your progress.


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