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Former Chinese President Hu Jintao’s new video deepens the mystery, what did Xi Jinping do to him?

Beijing: Another video related to former Chinese President Hu Jintao has shocked the world. This video is from the 20th National Congress held in the Great Hall of Beijing. Former President Hu Jintao was present and the world saw him get up and leave in the middle of the program. But now the new video of this incident has raised many questions. In this video, Hu Jintao can be seen walking out of the party congress in a very dramatic manner. It is seen how Politburo member Li Zhanshu sitting next to Jintao is seen talking to the former president. Zhanshu also takes the file from Jintao and is then thrown out.

Xi Jinping’s authoritarian attitude
The new video confirms the authoritarian attitude of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Another person appears to be trying to oust Hu Jintao at the behest of Xi Jinping. This video has been seen by the whole world and it is clear from the new video how Xi Jinping is proving his strength. According to experts, this incident shows that Xi Jinping wanted to tell the former president that now the phase based on consensus in China is over. Along with this, some people are also saying that the former president’s health was not good and due to this he was excluded from this program.
Xi Jinping became the leader of the Communist Party of China for the third time, paving the way for the presidency, Li Qiang became the new prime minister of the country.
A tweet by state news agency Xinhua. The tweet stated that Hu Jintao was taken to a chamber due to his deteriorating health. At the time this incident occurred, Xi Jinping had announced his third term in office. Along with this, the world also got to know about the team that will work with him for the next five years. In such a situation, questions are being raised about the time of this incident.

Why were the documents deleted?
According to many people, this was all done on purpose. Jintao, who was the President of China from 2003 to 2013, is considered the leader who opened China’s way to the world. But experts say about Xi Jinping that his regime has separated China from the international community. The new footage has been recorded by Singapore-based Channel News Asia. Seeing this gives an indication that maybe Jintao’s health is bad. At the same time, looking at it also shows how the documents placed in front of Jintao are being removed.
The name of former President Hu Jintao is also missing from China’s social media, a huge insult to Xi Jinping’s visit.
Li Zhanshu stands up to help Hu but Wang Huning pulls him back to his seat. Due to this, many serious questions are being raised on the whole incident. When Hu goes out, he says something to Xi Jinping. While the other people sitting in the same line do not even look at them.

Hard to say anything
Deng Yuen, a former editor of the Communist Party newspaper Study Times, says there is no reason the party should keep a document that Hu is not allowed to read in such a high-profile camera show. He said that it was definitely an unusual situation that no one could explain. Nothing can be said about what was in the file until there is more evidence.


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