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Forced to flee Kashmir … 150 crore company built with hard work, but Naveen still regrets

New Delhi: Kashmiri Pandit with a 5,000 year old heritage. They were collectively targeted by radical terrorists in Kashmir.Suffered greatly) And expelled them from their homeland (March 1990s). It was something that someone heard from someone or read in the books about how destruction and massacre took place, then that person trembled. It is a modern-day tragedy that seeks to break up a community that has for centuries been emotionally attached to its culture, language, beliefs, customs, land, mountains, rivers and lakes.

Had to fight alone

This tragedy has befallen a society that believes in peace, humanity, brotherhood, Kashmirism and adheres to the adage that the pen is more powerful than the sword. The 5,000-year-old community was the only one to fight this battle, but the way it fought the battle alone is not only commendable but also sets an example to the world of how anyone can set their own standards. Can improve Living after something is ruined.

In 1990, most members of the community were forced to leave Kashmir following a spate of targeted terrorist crimes against them. In Kashmir, the cool atmosphere of spending a comfortable day in their homes and the community soon after the migration to 45 degrees Celsius and during this time they did not feel comfortable in their homes. At that time they did not have clothes to wear, they did not have a fixed roof over their heads. There was a shortage of clean drinking water, adequate and nutritious food. Because they had become overnight refugees in their own state and country, no family had enough money to support themselves.

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In the midst of that tragedy-induced chaos and tragedy, the community fought for its existence and did not give up while living a hellish life in the refugee camps. One of the characteristics of this community is that it places great emphasis on education. Most of the immigrant parents chose to starve, but they made sure that their children get a good education so that their future is bright.

Naveen paved the way not only for himself but also for others

There are many stories where members of the displaced community and their children have performed brilliantly. The children of this community have not only excelled in various fields but have also become self-reliant and are helping other people by providing employment.

Naveen Kundu lived with his parents in a residential area of ​​Indira Nagar, Srinagar. Her father, a bank manager, did not leave the valley despite threats. But Naveen was forced to flee Kashmir in April 1990. “I landed directly in Delhi,” Naveen said. I was living on the streets for 6-7 days. There was nothing to eat, then I went to a camp in Lajpat Nagar. It was pathetic. I will never forget the situation in which people were forced to live. It was summer, and none of us were used to the heat. The view of the camp was terrible. Finally, a few months later, I got a job in the tourism and travel industry.

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“I don’t have any money,” he said. That summer I walked 4 kilometers, changing two or three buses. But I worked hard and within two years, I emerged as one of the 10 Best Talent Pools of Choice Hotels. I became general manager and then vice president. In 1998, I started my own business, Leisure Corp., and my first 10 employees were all displaced Kashmiri Pandits. My company has now become a Rs 150 crore company and half of the employees are refugees from my community.

“I will never forget those days of fear and despair,” Naveen added. My nearest neighbor in Srinagar is DN. Chaudhary was abducted and killed and his body was dumped on the porch of the house. It was painful. Sushma Shala Kaul, on the other hand, says she has never been able to recover from the trauma of her father’s abduction, torture and brutal death. “My father was a CID officer,” he said. His own PSO cheated on him. On May 1, 1990, he was abducted, tortured, had his nails and hair removed, had burn marks on his body, and was shot dead. We found his body on May 3 and we left Kashmir on May 6. We never went back.

Sushma, Rahul told how everything shattered in an instant

“My mother was a teacher, so we got a staff quarters,” she said. There were my neighbor’s children and two other victims, including Girija Tikku, who was brutally mutilated alive with a jigsaw machine after being gang-raped. Apart from this, Pran Chatta Ganju and her husband are also involved, whose body was found but Pran’s body was never found. So, six of us have faced the same fate and we grew up together.

Sushma fulfilled her father’s dream of becoming a doctor. She is currently working in a hospital in Jammu and often helps the poor and needy. “We have never had time to mourn,” he said. Those who were gone were gone, but those who were left behind were to be saved. We had lost everything we had been displaced by. But we educated ourselves and it helped us.

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Bollywood actor Rahul Bhatt says that if Sushma can come to the fore in the face of adversity, it can be said with certainty that there is something special within the community that has brought her back to a higher standard of living. “Our inner belief in education, values ​​and culture has definitely helped us move forward,” Bhatt said. We all have stories of shock and tragedy, but each of us is able to move forward. We were expelled from Kashmir, but they could not evict Kashmir from within us.

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The first murder took place in the village of Bhat, a resident of Vichranag, a sacred place for Kashmiri Pandits, when an 85-year-old priest of an ancient temple was beaten to death by a Muslim guard. “We all heard cries and ran away,” he said. The man was arrested. A hit list was released the next day, listing all the people who had visited the temple. When the fear came true, my family left in September 1989, long before the rest of the people fled the valley.

At the age of 19, Bhatt competed in the Mr. India competition and was voted the most photogenic. She has played the role in the TV serial Hina. Apart from this, Bhatt has this love and has played many roles in many films. During the Kovid epidemic, this community also came forward to help each other. WhatsApp groups were created to help find hospitals and online care centers. Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora (Overseas Kashmiri Pandit) has also raised thousands of dollars to help needy families. It has financed an oxygen plant in Jammu and organized a fundraiser. Scholarships are also given by the people of the society to the needy immigrants.


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