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For years, Kangana Ranaut did not speak to her father, find out the reason

Kangana Ranaut (Kangana Ranaut) Apart from her films, she is in the headlines because of her arrogance. The actress is from Himachal Pradesh. He was born in Surajpur (Bhabla) near Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh. She will celebrate her 35th birthday on March 23. Let us know some special things related to Kangana’s life.

Although Kangana Ranaut is a famous actress today, her father Amardeep Ranaut did not want her to become an actress. They wanted to make Kangana a doctor. He enrolled her in DAV School, Chandigarh, but Kangana did not like medical books at all.

Kangana was actively involved in school functions
Kangana then actively participated in school activities. Without them the function would not be bright. He loved walking on the ramp. Fresher’s school night or farewell, she walked the ramp. She has been interested in modeling since school days.

Awakened interest in modeling in school
According to media reports, while Kangana was still in school, her interest in modeling began to grow. He stopped going to school and left the hostel to live in PG. When her father Amardeep found out about this, he beat Kangana.

Kangana became angry with her father for not talking to her for many years
When Kangana told her father that she wanted to go into acting, her father angrily asked her to leave the house. Kangana then left home without any financial help. Kangana’s father did not speak to her for years. Kangana made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Gangster’. They do not need any identification today. Where they are today, behind them is years of hard work and talent.

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