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Film Review ‘FIR’: The idea of ​​the story is good, but beyond imagination

Film Review ‘FIR’: OTT One of the great things about the advent of TV is that viewers now get to see world class movies and web series and sometimes they are written and made with such good thinking that they go far beyond expectations. Viewers Huh. This is having a detrimental effect on Indian cinema. If any Indian cinema is average or has errors in the script or the director fails to use the actors properly, he is immediately caught and the audience, even if they do not deny it, immediately let him realize his mistake. Are

In order to make a name for oneself internationally, it is important to either pursue a pure Indian story or maintain a high level of script and direction for any story. One such film was recently released on Amazon Prime Video – FIR. The basic idea of ​​the story of this film is good and an attempt has been made to make it Indian but by adding a spy thriller surprise in it it has been made completely beyond imagination.

As is the case now, every Muslim is viewed with suspicion. All sorts of tricks are used to make them criminals by making all sorts of accusations against them. By denying the contribution of Muslims in the construction of India, they are now being conferred with the titles of mere terrorists, enemies of the country, traitors and what not. The latest writer and director Manu Anand’s debut film FIR has tried to do something new which is quite impressive. The protagonist in the film is a Muslim whose religion and religious devotion have been questioned in various places.

Trapped in a strange situation, the young Irfan (Vishnu Vishal) is declared a terrorist and is interrogated by the police after giving him a third degree. Unable to provide any proof of his innocence, he is kept under strict guard but escapes from the clutches of the police to meet his mother. During the escape, he meets a Muslim terrorist and Irfan meets him. Irfan is a chemical engineer and he wants to make “sarin” gas and kill thousands of people with this poisonous gas. The head of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) (Gautam Vasudev Menon) finds out about the conspiracy and with the concurrence of the Prime Minister, a drone strike on the gas factory is foiled. Irfan also dies. The veil of mystery is revealed but by then it is too late.

The story is written by Manu Anand along with Divyanka Anand Shankar and Gautam Shankar and therefore avoids making mistakes in many places. The most important thing is how right it is to look at a person with suspicion because of his name, his clothes or his religious identity. The big question is, is every Muslim a terrorist or is the religion of every terrorist a Muslim? The film is looking for an answer to this question but the elements of Shah Rukh Khan’s film My Name Is Khan are not present in it.

The film does not deal with the horrific, violent and heinous racial violence that followed the World Trade Center attack. There are only two or three scenes of Irfan becoming a Muslim and due to this the writer-director’s plan to make a connection between Muslims and terrorism remained unfulfilled. Scenes of labeling a Muslim hero as a terrorist are also weak, possibly because of the actors. Scenes of torture in prison also seem strangely lacking. Has also put forward a character like Muslim preacher Zakir Naik, who is suspicious from the beginning but does not understand how his son can become a terrorist.

Vishnu Vishal has played the role of Irfan Ahmed alias Faiz Ibrahim Rais (FIR). Most Hindi speakers know him as the husband of badminton player Jwala Gutta. Vishnu is fond of method acting and has been making some physical changes in each of his roles. For the first film, he had darkened himself after working in the scorching sun for 3 months. For this film, he has strengthened his body. Her spontaneity can also be seen in the action scenes. Although there is no heroine in the film, Rebecca plays Vishnu’s handler Archana Krishnamurthy.

The role is short, impressive and a touching moment gives a glimpse of the perfect relationship between Vishnu and them. Manjima Mohan in the role of lawyer and Parvati in the role of Vishnu’s mother have also done well. There are a couple of scenes where everyone says a lot without speaking. The scene of Manjima protesting outside the court or Parvati’s sarcastic smile in response to the police allegations seems very brief. Gautam Vasudev Menon has been appointed head of the NIA, perhaps for the first time, out of any haste. The role wasn’t special, so it doesn’t look like he did anything special.

Although the film is a good thriller and the general audience will enjoy watching it, they do not know what to do with the forced patriotism in the script. A similar experience happened while watching John Abraham’s film Romeo Akbar Walter i.e. Rao. There was no need for patriotism, no need for the story of Muslim terrorism. A secret agent could also tell the story of a plot to overthrow a larger terrorist organization. Filmmakers and directors try to incorporate many aspects into their story and then fail. The film was released at the box office in February and was slowly gaining ground.

Similarly, since it came on OTT, viewers have been watching it very slowly. The reason for the story is that the protagonist is a Muslim, but his pain appears in the story for a very short time. The director did nothing for the truth of that section of the society which is poor or oppressed or lives in doubt due to caste. Strict questions asked to Muslims at the police station are missing from the film. The hero’s own despair disappears. The hero’s mother is a police officer herself but her inability to do anything has been shown superficially. For some of these reasons, the basic premise of the film is to make a spy thriller or the problem of Muslims and terrorism and something else, it never makes sense.

Arul Vincent’s cinematography and Ashwath’s music are both simple. This movie can be seen. It has speed, acting is fine and so is action. Ignoring the flaws of the story, it would be beneficial to watch it as a commercial film.

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