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Fear of fourth corona movement in the country! How important is the booster dose, know what the experts are saying

New Delhi: Corona cases are on the rise in other European countries, including China, Hong Kong, and South Korea. In such a situation, the fear of the fourth wave has increased in the minds of the people in the country. People are worried about what will happen if the cases in India also start growing fast. At the same time, the question is whether India will allow booster doses for people under 60 years of age. Currently, only people over the age of 60 are allowed precautionary doses in the country. Experts across the country have differing views on booster doses depending on the age of immunity and age.

Immunity begins to decline in 6 to 8 months
Fortis C-Dock President Dr. Anoop Mishra said that there is no shortage of vaccines in India, so why delay in vaccination? “We know that the immunity developed by the vaccine against the corona virus decreases after six to eight months,” he said. In India, almost all adults in the country and a large number of children aged 15 years and above have been fully vaccinated. This means that he has been vaccinated against Covid-19. This includes dosage of Covishield and Covaxin for adults and Corbevax vaccine for children.

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Fourth dose is allowed in Israel, US, UK
Countries such as Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom have already given three vaccines against Covid-19 to their citizens. An additional fourth dose of the vaccine has been approved in these countries due to the increase in cases of corona. In January, the government approved an additional dose of the vaccine for health care workers and the seriously ill elderly. Recently, it was clarified that anyone over the age of 60 can take a third or booster dose.
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People with serious illnesses should be allowed
Renowned immunologist and former dean of AIIMS, Dr NK Mehra, told TOI that the country now needs to allow booster doses as the first two doses of the vaccine weaken the immune system in six to eight months. Dr. Mehra said that for example, annual shots are recommended for people who are resistant to the common flu virus and the elderly. He said that apart from the elderly, the government should allow booster doses for anyone in India who is suffering from a serious illness.

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Suggestions 5 months after full vaccination
Dr. Suresh Kumar, Medical Director, Lok Naik Hospital, said that booster diet may be considered for people over 45 years of age with serious illness or weakened immune system. For example, for patients with cancer, tuberculosis and kidney problems. Dr. Kumar said that some clinical trials suggest that it should be given after 5 months of complete vaccination.

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Lots of new things in the study of virus patterns
In recent weeks, cases of corona have been on the rise in many countries, such as Hong Kong, parts of China, South Korea, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. At the same time, the number of people admitted to the hospital is increasing rapidly. Some of these countries, such as the UK, have high immunization coverage, including a booster dose. Why are there still so many cases against them? According to Dr. Mehra, this vaccine protects against serious diseases and death. He said the Saras-Cove-2, which spreads the corona, is new. “When we study the pattern of viruses, we find a lot of things that we are learning,” he said.

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The fourth wave is less likely
Since the first corona case in January 2020, there have been three major corona waves in India. At present, there are less than 2,000 cases per day. Regarding this, Dr. Rommel Tikku, Director, Internal Medicine, Max Saket, said that the possibility of a fourth wave in India is low. However, we have to be prepared. Dr. “We have to follow the Kovid protocol, such as wearing a mask and social distance,” Tikku said. He said that eligible persons should be vaccinated as soon as possible.

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