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Farooq Ahmed Dar News: Killed 20, killed brother and mother too .. The brutal story of Bitta who committed massacre in Kashmir

New Delhi Weeks of curfew, locks in schools, colleges, gunmen patrolling the streets. It would have been announced by the big talkers that if you do not vacate Kashmir within a week, you will have to pay the price. Kashmiri Pandits were boycotted. Ration stopped. The lights and water supply of their area were cut off and then a horrific massacre started. The Kashmir files are being discussed not only in India but also abroad. Even before this film, people knew the story of displacement of Kashmiri Pandits (Kashmiri Pandit Real Story) but after this film, the picture of this horrific massacre (Kashmiri Pandit Genocide) has come to the fore. Who is the villain of this movie Bitta Karate who was also a real world villain. In 2019, Farooq Ahmed Dal was arrested by the NIA and is still in jail.

Confessed in the interview
First of all let me tell you that the real name of Batta Karate is Farooq Ahmed Dar.Farooq Ahmed Dar) Is. This film shows how Bitta Karate beats Kashmiri Pandits one after another. In an interview, Bitta Karate was asked how many people he had killed. Bitta Karate easily says that 10-12 people would have been killed. The person asking the question then asks 10-12 or 20 people. Then Bitta Karate says yes maybe 20 people. Then there is the question of Bitta Karate: What would you do if you were told by those who commanded you to kill your brother? In response, Bitta Karate says yes, I will kill. It is then asked if his mother. Bitta says I will kill them too …

He was arrested in 1990
Farooq Ahmed Dar alias Bitta Karate was first arrested in 1990. Farooq Ahmed Dar is the Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. The first group to take up arms in the name of Kashmir’s independence was young men like Farooq Ahmed Dar. Jihad was taught to them in the name of independence of Kashmir, then it was instilled in their hearts that these non-Muslims do not belong to our Kashmir and then it starts from there. Bitta was deported to Pakistan in 1988. There, Bitta learned martial arts and firearms. From here he received full training and joined JKLF.

Jalim Bitta had said in the original interview – how brutally he used to kill innocents, also discussed in ‘Kashmir Files’
Remained in jail until 2006
According to a source, Bitta was first arrested in 1990 and spent 16 years in jail till 2006. But after that, Bitta got bail and then he continued to roam freely. He was released on bail by a TADA court in 2006 due to lack of evidence. Even in 2006, there was terror of stone-throwers on the army in Kashmir. Bitta became known there as a poster boy. After his release from jail, Bitta joined the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. Bitta was later arrested by the NIA in 2019.

Jailed back in 2019
Farooq Ahmed Dar alias Bitta is a resident of Srinagar. According to reports, he went to Pakistan at the age of 20 for terrorist training. Kashmir Liberation Front (KLF) Area Commander Ishfaq Majeed Wani took him to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Where he trained for 32 days. Following the Pulwama attack, Bitta was arrested by the NIA in 2019 on charges of terrorist financing. The Union government then banned the JKLF, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. Several separatist leaders were then jailed for engaging in anti-national activities. The Public Safety Act, under which Bitta was arrested before bail, was quashed by the Supreme Court. And since then, the investigating agencies have not been able to provide any concrete evidence in the case of Bitta. On the basis of which he was granted bail in 2006.

Indian flag burning in Srinagar mosque … Bitta Karate interviewer’s eyes widen
Terrorists are raping Kashmiri girls: Bitta
Bitta said he had been betrayed by Pakistan because he had been told that when the militants revolted in Kashmir and weakened it from within, Pakistan would attack and liberate it, but that did not happen. He said that it was impossible to overthrow the government with ammunition and bloodshed, therefore the terrorists should surrender and negotiate with the government. “Anyway, the militants are raping Kashmiri girls and forcing them at gunpoint,” Bitta said. When Bitta was asked what kind of punishment he could get, he said it could be life imprisonment or execution. When asked if there was another chance, he said, “I think I will be hanged, which is acceptable to me.”

Where is Bitta Karate: ‘The Kashmir Files’? Find out now where and what is the killer beta karate of 20 people
Went to Pakistan for training
When asked why he chose the path of humiliation, Bitta said that the local administration has inflicted a lot of atrocities on Kashmiris, which is why he has chosen the path of terrorism. He said Kashmir Liberation Front (KLF) Area Commander Ishfaq Majeed Wani took him to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) where he underwent 32 days of training. Returning from there, he started killing innocent people mercilessly at the behest of Wani. He said he always used a pistol to kill civilians while attacking security forces with N-47s.

Farooq Ahmed Dar Bitta Karate is still alive in jail His interview and you want to know all that


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