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F-35: World’s most powerful fighter jet crashes, first flight in 2006

Washington: America’s F-35 is considered to be the most powerful fighter jet in the world. The aircraft is equipped with a stealth feature, which is not easily detected by radar. It is a single seat, single engine, fifth generation fighter aircraft. The US promotes its F-35 aircraft as the most advanced multirole fighter of the 21st century. But, few would know that this state-of-the-art fighter jet, which took its first flight after 5 years of India’s indigenous fighter jet Tejas, has crashed 8 times so far. Along with this Tejas of India has been successfully providing its services till now without any mishap. South Korea made serious complaints about the F-35 fighter jet a few days ago. South Korea’s 40 F-35 fighter jets failed to fly 234 times in 18 months.

How powerful is the F-35?
The Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jet is equipped with vertical-take-off and landing technology. The first F-35 prototype flew for the first time on 15 December 2006. So far 770 units of F-35 have been built. An F-35 fighter jet costs $122 million. Three variants of this aircraft have been built. It is used by the US Navy, Air Force as well as the Marine Corps. America has sold F-35 fighter jets to many countries of the world. The United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, South Korea, Turkey, Israel and Japan are either operating or in the process of purchasing it.

When did the F-35 crash?

Date of accident The cause of the accident Accident site
September 2018 The nose landing gear broke Lgin Air Force Base, Florida
September 2018 Defective engine fuel tube Marine Corps Air Station, South Carolina
April 2019 Pilot error Honshu, Japan
May 2020 Fast landing speed Elgin Air Force Base, Florida
October 2020 Blowing in the air Naval Air Facility, El Centro, California
November 2021 Trash in the plane’s air intake HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, Mediterranean Sea
January 2022 The landing on the aircraft carrier was unsuccessful USS Coral Wilson, South China Sea
October 2022 unknown Salt Lake City, Utah

F-35 jets gathering dust in South Korea
South Korea has complained that its F-35 fighter jets could not take off due to technical problems. During the last 18 months, in 172 cases, F-35 aircraft were found not to fly. Along with this, there were 62 cases in which F-35 fighter jets could fly but could not complete the mission. On average, ground-based F-35 fighters were able to complete missions just 12 days last year and 11 days in the past six months. In comparison, older fighters such as the F-4E and F-5 in the South Korean Air Force were grounded only 26 and 28 times in 18 months.


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