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Entertainment Top-5 Videos: Shah Rukh Khan meets fans on Eid and Neha Kakkar Nagin is seen dancing.

Shah Rukh Khan (Shahrukh Khan) was seen greeting the fans on the occasion of Eid, while Ranbir Kapoor was seen training to be the best father. Neha Kakkar, on the other hand, caught the attention of netizens with her snake dance. Let’s check out today’s top 5 viral videos-

Ranbir Kapoor was seen training to be the ‘Best Dad’.
A video of Ranbir Kapoor is going viral, in which he is seen with ‘Anupama’ fame Rupali Ganguly. In the video, Rupali is training Ranbir to become a ‘best father’. In the video, Ranbir is expressing his desire to be the father of his daughter.

They are asking Rupali to help them. Rupali is explaining to them how to take care of the baby.

Shah Rukh Khan has given Eid wishes to the fans
Several videos of Shah Rukh Khan have gone viral on social media, in which he is seen with his son Abram congratulating fans on Eid. He can be seen greeting fans from the balcony of Mannat’s home. Shah Rukh Khan is seen giving ‘flying kisses’ to the fans and waving at them.

Neha Kakkar lay on the ground and did snake dance!
Neha Kakkar’s husband Rohanpreet Singh has shared a video of her, in which the singer can be seen dancing with a bang. The singer’s dance video is going viral. The video is of a birthday party for someone close to her. Neha is seen lying on the ground and dancing like a snake.

Traffic police officers singing in Mumbai
A video has surfaced from Mumbai, which is said to be of Marine Drive. The video shows a traffic policeman singing a Bollywood song. People are trembling at the sound of his voice. A beautiful atmosphere has been created in Mumbai’s Marine Drive, which the people there seem to be enjoying. Video netizens are getting a lot of likes.

Watching Aarti Dahiya dance reminded people of Sapna Chaudhary
Dance videos of Aarti Dahiya, who dances like Sapna Chaudhary, are going viral these days. In the video, she is seen dancing on stage in a salwar suit. The dance style of Sapna and Aarti is very similar. Aarti Dahiya is driving people crazy with her dance.

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