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Entertainment 5 Positive News: From Johnny Depp’s French Debut to Neha-Rohanpreet’s Snake Dance, Start Your Day With These News

Entertainment Top 5 Positive News 11 July 2022: Singer Neha Kakkar is known not only for her singing but also for her strong style. Wherever she goes, she wins everyone’s heart with her style. Not only her fans but also her husband Rohanpreet Singh is fascinated by her open heart. This is what Rohanpreet herself has said, also through video. In the video, Neha Kakkar can be seen dancing with Rohanpreet.

Also read: Mahavish Hayat is happy with Muslim representation in Marvel, compares Pakistan film industry and Hollywood

After giving the world a black superhero in ‘Black Panther’, Marvel Cinematic Universe has broken another stereotype by introducing a Muslim superhero in the recently released web series ‘Miss Marvel’. While Iman Velani is playing the lead role in the series, Pakistani actress Mahivish Hayat has played the role of Iman’s great-grandmother. Now, in an interview with Disney Central, Mahwish Hayat has spoken out about Muslim representation on a global platform.

Also read: Ranbir Kapoor had a luxury party in 10th only after getting this number! The actor explained the interesting reason for this

Ranbir Kapoor belongs to a family that has been a part of Bollywood for four generations. The actor said that education was never his strong point. Ranbir also revealed that the Kapoor family had organized a lavish party when he managed to get below average marks in his 10th exam.

Also read: Malaika Arora wreaks havoc by wearing a saree at the age of 48, fans say

Malaika Arora is the diva of Bollywood who raises the temperature of internet with her stunning look. Malaika looks beautiful to fans in every look, be it ethnic clothes or athletics. Recently, she has caused a stir on social media with her saree look. Anyone who saw Malaika in her saree look could not take their eyes off Malaika.

Also read: Johnny Depp to debut with French film ‘La Favorite’, Netflix refuses to finance

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has been in the news for months. He had filed a defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard and won. Since then he has started his work. He has started shooting for the French film ‘La Favorite’. According to the latest reports, Johnny’s first French film ‘La Favorite’ will be streamed on Netflix. Earlier, there were reports that the film was genuine for Netflix, but the streaming platform has now denied such claims.

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