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Elon Musk News: When will humans arrive on Mars? Elon Musk changes date again, will it be true this time?

Washington: Scientists have already set foot on the moon many years ago and are now preparing to go to Mars. Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, the world’s richest man, dreams of not only setting foot on Mars, but establishing a complete human colony on the Red Planet. Elon Musk had claimed that man would step on Mars in 2024, but now he has extended his date a little.

In 2016, Elon Musk unveiled his plan to establish a human city on Mars. At the time, Musk predicted that a crew mission could set foot on Mars by 2024. Since then, Musk’s company SpaceX has made several attempts to build a rocket to Mars, but it does not appear that this work will be completed by Musk’s dateline. Musk himself revealed this in a reply to a Twitter user on Wednesday.

Musk predicts 2026
According to Musk, humans will be able to step on Mars at least until 2029, 60 years after the first man arrived on the moon in 1969. Musk has changed the date of man’s arrival on Mars for the second time. By December 2020, he had set a 2026 target for it. SpaceX is designing a ‘starship’ for NASA to send astronauts to the moon and future Mars.
Today, China’s rocket will fall on the moon at a speed of 9300 km per hour. India’s Chandrayaan-2 will take pictures!
Starship has not had much success in space
Starship has flown many high-altitude flights but so far it has not been able to get into space. After Elon Musk, many of the world’s billionaire industrialists have shown interest in space. However, it has stepped into the realm of space tourism and sent ordinary travelers into the ‘space boundaries’. But Elon Musk’s intention is not just to reach the limits of space. He dreams of reaching the space station and beyond.


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