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‘Eighth wonder of the world’ built in Saudi Arabia, 200 meters wide city, work going on day and night in the desert

Riyadh: The construction of a huge city has started in the desert of Saudi Arabia, which is being called the ‘city of the future’. This has been revealed from new drone footage. The town, called ‘The Line’, has long been part of the paper plans, but work has not yet begun on the ground. The city will be built in a straight line that will connect with other cities. Photography company Ot Sky recorded footage of its construction and released it through the architecture magazine, Dezeen. According to the officials, the natural world will also benefit by using minimum land in the construction of this city.

Tarek Pumpkin, executive director of The Line City, previously said, “It will show that the world has the human capacity, technology and commitment to change the current lifestyle,” Dailystar reported. Drone footage shows huge machines working in the vast desert. Seeing as if they were digging in a wide straight line. Saudi Arabia is known for such massive construction projects.

A project like ‘The Line’ is not new to Saudi Arabia. A huge park, King Salman Park, is under construction in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which will be seven times larger than London’s Hyde Park when completed. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is believed to have earmarked $500 billion for the ‘NEOM’ project, not just for this project but for a vast network of future smart cities.

The project is planned to be powered entirely from renewable energy sources. But many analysts have doubted its success. According to the plan, the length of ‘The Line’ will be around 170 km. In some reports, it is also being called the eighth wonder of the world. The city will be only 200 meters wide and will have buildings 500 meters high that will be built from Kong. People living in this city will take only 20 minutes to travel from one end to the other. It is estimated that the project will cost around 40 trillion dollars to complete.


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