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‘Drama done to look good in the eyes of PM Modi’, Congress targeted Nirmala Sitharaman’s DM for criticism

New Delhi: The Congress has objected to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman reprimanding the DM in Telangana’s Kamredi district. He has termed the behavior of the finance minister as obscene. Apart from this, the Congress alleged that they have done this drama to remain good in the eyes of PM Modi. Party General Secretary Jairam Ramesh has given a sharp reaction to this whole sentence by tweeting.

‘Pretending to be good in front of PM Modi’
Party General Secretary Jairam Ramesh tweeted, “Manmohan Singh’s government brought the National Food Security Act in September 2013. There was no expectation that pictures of politicians would be used for credit. It is very unseemly for the Finance Minister to make such a drama to stay in the Prime Minister’s eyes.

Ministers of Telangana have also expressed objection
Before the Congress, Telangana Minister T Rama Rao has also objected to this behavior of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. He said that such behavior of the people holding high positions will demoralize the officials in the administrative service. My best wishes to DM Jitesh V Patil for his dignified conduct.

what is the matter
On Friday, Sitharaman slammed Comrade District Magistrate Patil for not responding when asked about the Centre’s and state’s share in the supply of rice through fair price shops. While inspecting a PDS (Public Distribution System) shop in Birkur, the Union Minister had also asked the District Magistrate why there was no picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi there.


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