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Doomsday Plane: Why does the officer of the American doomsday plane that brought destruction to the world have a revolver? Know the reason

Washington: America’s Doomsday Plane has always been a topic of discussion. This aircraft is essentially an airborne command post, which can act as a command and control center in times of disaster. The entire world can be destroyed only through the modern communication system and other devices installed in it. However, the Doomsday Plane can only issue such an order if the entire US is destroyed by nuclear bombs, powerful electromagnetic pulses or other weapons of destruction. Due to the power of the Doomsday Plane, its security is also very tight. The officers appointed in it are the most experienced military officers of the United States. Despite this, the captain of this ship always carries a revolver. In such a situation, the question arises that what is the fear of an airplane destroying the world that an officer is always armed with a revolver.

Why did America build a doomsday ship?
As reported by The Drive, the US Army’s Airborne Launch Control Center (ALCC) mission was launched during the Cold War. It was called Operation Looking Glass. At the time, it became a strategic imperative for the US to conduct such a mission in view of the threat to the Soviet Union. The US feared that if an enemy country attacked it with a nuclear-armed ballistic missile, it would need to have a command and control center that was unaffected by such weapons to respond. If the ground-based command center is destroyed by enemy missiles, the ability to retaliate will be lost. It was for this reason that America laid the foundation for the construction of the Doomsday Plane.

Doomsday Plane

What does this ship do?
For this reason, the US Air Force’s fleet of EC-135C ALCC aircraft was designed as a doomsday aircraft. The aircraft was equipped with sophisticated communication systems, which were present in any corner of the world by air with US commands, submarines, warships, fighter jets, strategic bombers and missile bases. Not only this, his command was considered final in the absence of the US President, Vice President or Acting President. An officer is always stationed with a revolver in this ship. Who works with the rest of the staff. Considering the strength of this aircraft, a large number of security personnel cannot be kept and neither large weapons or rifles can be handed over to the authorities.

Why only one officer in the plane has a revolver?
American aviation historian and doomsday plaintiff Robert Hopkins has written books on the C-135 and its many variants. He said that the officer had kept the revolver as a security measure for some time. Hopkins said the commander and operations officer had access to several top secret codes, documents and other information. In such a case, one of them was armed with a revolver, so that no rogue crew member could gain access to such documents. If any weapon other than the revolver had been placed inside the ship, it could have caused more destruction. Because of this, only small arms were given priority. He also told that there have been many big changes in the present time too.


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