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Dogs bark, spiders break webs… Why are animals restless during a solar eclipse?

New Delhi: Today there is a solar eclipse for 4 hours. Experts had already told that it can be seen all over India. During this time people follow many rules. There are rules for eating habits and especially for expectant mothers. Everyone knows about humans, but what happens to animals during an eclipse? How do they behave during this time? Today we will talk about it in ‘Jungle News’. In fact, for most animals, from the beginning of the day until the end of the night, all activities are determined by light and darkness. Day length allows animals to decide how long to forage for food, when to sleep and when to move elsewhere. Not only this, the timing of animal sex is also determined by the day-night cycle. The movement of the sun and the shape of the moon also change the behavior of animals.

Time for sex too
Animals also understand the moon’s movement in 28 days and choose breeding times accordingly. Many creatures lay eggs or young on a full moon day. But when there is a solar or lunar eclipse, how does animal life go? Very few people know about the mood of animals.

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What happens in a solar eclipse?
If we talk about solar eclipse, among the events of the universe, it has the greatest effect on animals. Animals that are active during the day get fed up and move to their habitats at night. Also, animals that are active at night may feel that they have overslept. In fact, when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, that is, the Sun hides behind the Moon for a while, a solar eclipse occurs. With the arrival of the moon, the sunlight does not reach the earth and for a while everyone, including the animals, begins to see darkness.

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Some species of spiders start breaking their webs when the sun eclipses, while on normal days they do it at dusk. However, as soon as the black shadow of the eclipse recedes, they begin to rebuild it. This creates a surprising situation for some fish and birds. Fish and birds that are active during the day move to their resting places at night during the eclipse. Similarly, creatures that are active at night suddenly come out, they are frightened by the darkness.

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Speaking of animal behavior, sea whales or large fish come ashore. Bats come out. The whole life cycle gets disrupted for a while. Noisy animals become silent and resting ones begin to scream.

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When the hippopotamus was observed, it was found that during the eclipse they began to move away from the rivers, where they have to spend the night. However, after going some distance, when the eclipse time passed and it became lighter he appeared very agitated and tired. If you want to understand this, look at the behavior of dogs at the time of eclipse. Some dogs start barking. Some may appear confused and anxious. Just as animals panic when a sudden gunshot or explosion occurs, something similar happens during an eclipse.

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Even during a lunar eclipse, the moonlight suddenly disappears at night and it becomes dark. In such a situation, confusion arises for birds and animals like owls. Pets can be taken special care during such times.


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