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Diwali Celebration: Be Careful! If you get burnt while lighting firecrackers, do this first, tie the knot

Boxer Diwali is being celebrated with great fanfare in Bihar. People are bursting firecrackers and somewhere preparations are going on. Firing of firecrackers is considered an important part of this festival. Sometimes these crackers cause a lot of trouble. In such a case, first of all, home remedies should be adopted. Kuran Sarai market of Dumraon block of Buxar district has been serving people for free for three decades. Ayurvedacharya Dr. Dharamveer Upadhyay, (BAMS) Had an exclusive chat with NBT. He said that people should take these measures immediately after getting burnt and scorched by firecrackers.

Follow home remedies
Dharamveer Upadhyay Dr He said that if the hands and feet get burnt while lighting the next firecracker, immediately put that part in cold water. Some people apply ice to burns, but you should never make this mistake. Because doing so causes a blood clot to form at that place. He said that after blowing firecrackers, immediately apply juice of basil leaves on that place. Doing this will relieve the burning and pain in the area and will make you feel cool.

Violation of rules can be difficult in Diwali, know these rules before firing crackers
Ayurvedic doctor’s advice
Dharamveer Upadhyay Dr Said in the conversation that you must keep coconut oil at home. Coconut oil is present in every household. Coconut oil is cooling. So in such a situation apply it with light hands on the burnt and scorched area, you will get immediate relief. Cow ghee applied for worship or kept at home is also effective. Cow ghee is offered at the burning site with crackers. You will feel comfortable in implementing it. He also told about the use of potato juice for the badly burned area, saying that applying potato juice is very beneficial. By applying it, you will feel relief on the burning area.

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Children need to be careful
People are eagerly waiting for Diwali. Especially children burst crackers a lot during this time. Never ask children to fire crackers alone. Parents should always be present with children. There is always a chance of an accident while firing crackers. During this, sometimes people’s hands and feet get burnt. If you also become a victim of such an accident Dharamveer Upadhyay Dr Try the given home remedies.


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