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Diwali 2022: Crowds of people lighting lamps in temples, women police ready on the road, know the big news of Ara

jigsaw: Women police were ready on the road so that people could celebrate Diwali well away from their families. This team rode on a motorcycle equipped with modern weapons and roamed the streets. This initiative of SP Sanjay Singh of Bhojpur is now bearing fruit. In this regard, he said that this experiment has been done on the appeal of the residents of the district. The pleasant results of which have started coming now. This team is constantly monitoring anti-social elements, due to which there has been a significant reduction in crimes.

Diwali, the festival of lights across the country
The whole country is celebrating Diwali. It was visible all around. People were engaged in its preparation for the last several days. The night of Amavasya is the darkest night, but due to the light of the lamp and the flickering light, the complete darkness turned into light. While people were praying for progress by worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh ji, the entire area was resounding with the sound of crackers. Arrah city was also illuminated on Diwali night. After a long break due to Corona, everyone celebrated the festival of Deepavali with great enthusiasm this year. The whole city was bathed in twinkling lights.

Huge crowds for worship in temples
On the occasion of Diwali, a huge crowd gathered to light the lamps in the temples. The whole temple was lit up. On this occasion, people performed puja and prayed for progress. A huge crowd of devotees gathered in all the temples of Bhojpur district for the puja. Everyone was engaged in the worship of God. The entire temple was filled with devotees. People started arriving at the temples of God from late evening on Monday, which continued till late night. On the occasion of Diwali, the entire city was illuminated with lights. Everyone celebrates the festival of Diwali with great fanfare.

Sitting at the gate of the train was heavy

On the occasion of Diwali and Chhath festival, residents from other states continue to visit their homes. People are not getting space to put their feet in the trains. Somehow people are reaching their state. Along with this, traveling by sitting at the gate of the train became expensive for a young man. Ara was coming home from Surat. Then his foot got stuck on the platform and he fell from the train. By then the train had opened, in a hurry people somehow saved the young man but by then his leg had been amputated. He was admitted to Ara Sadar Hospital for treatment, where he is undergoing treatment under the supervision of doctors. The injured youth is a resident of Kaup village in Charpokhri police station area of ​​Bhojpur district.

Death of youth due to drowning in food
The youth died due to drowning in Chakardah village of Udwantnagar police station area of ​​Bhojpur district. There was an atmosphere of panic among the people for a long time regarding this incident. According to information, the deceased was Amarjit Kumar, 17-year-old boy of Mantu Paswan. Here, Sanjay Kumar Paswan, the elder brother of the deceased youth, said that he had returned home after buying firecrackers from the market. We started drawing and painting at home. When he did not return even after an hour, we started searching. But even after four hours, nothing could be found about him. Then a boy from the village told that a boy has drowned in Ahir. When he reached the spot, he found that he was drowning in food.

Bloody struggle for land
In Janakpur tola of Varuna village of Narayanpur, a bloody conflict broke out between the families of two hundred brothers over a land dispute. A lot of sticks and sticks. In this, seven people including four women from both sides were injured. After which he was brought to Ara Sadar Hospital for treatment. According to the information, among the injured are one side Srikant Singh, his wife Janki Devi, two daughters Indu Kumari, Neetu Kumari and son Vikas Kumar. While on the other side, Arvind Singh and Anita Devi are involved. Srikant Singh, one of the parties injured, said that he has been having a dispute with his brother for about 8 years over 7 kilos of land. On the occasion of Diwali festival, people on one side were giving brooms. Then the people of other patadidars started refusing. There was an argument between them regarding this matter. That turned into a war.


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