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Divya Maderna’s tweet created a political uproar after NSUI’s crushing defeat in student union elections, ‘Jaichand’ attacked Abhishek Chaudhary

Jaipur: After the embarrassing defeat of Congress student body NSUI in the student union elections held in 17 universities of the state, a Twitter war has broken out on social media. Congress MLA Divya Maderna has also jumped into this battle. Maderna has raised questions on the Congress in his tweet. He mentioned the defeat of Congress in the last assembly elections. Divya tweeted that ‘but we could never cross the 100 mark after 1998.’ This tweet of Divya has created a political stir. Earlier, Divya had also questioned the distribution of tickets in the student union elections.

Mentioning the defeat of Congress has created a political uproar

In the student union elections, Divya mentioned the defeat of the Congress when not a single NSUI candidate won. Divya said that we have never crossed the 100 mark since 1998. In 1998, the Congress won a landslide victory with 156 seats. Then Ashok Gehlot became the Chief Minister for the first time. Later in the 2003 assembly elections, the Congress faced defeat and the BJP won 120 seats. Vasundhara Raje became the Chief Minister of the state. In the 2008 assembly elections, the Congress got 96 seats. The Congress came to power with the support of independent candidates and the BSP and Ashok Gehlot became the Chief Minister again. In the 2013 assembly elections, the Congress was limited to only 21 seats. Even in the 2018 assembly elections, the Congress vehicle was stuck at 99. Later, the figure of 100 was completed by winning the Ramgarh Vidhan Sabha seat.
NSUI student union lost elections due to party bullying and Jaichand, youth will not forgive them – state president
Divya showed a mirror to NSUI state president, asked who was Jaichand in 2014?

NSUI state president Abhishek Chowdhury called Sachin Pilot’s supporters Jaichand, Divya Maderna got angry. Maderna tweeted asking who Jaichand was in the 2014 student union elections of Rajasthan universities. Since NSUI’s Anil Chopra has become the President of the University of Rajasthan. At that time, Abhishek Chaudhary also asked for a ticket. Abhishek fought the election as a rebel after not getting a ticket. Despite this, Anil Chopra won and ABVP’s Shankar Gora came second.
In Rajasthan University, Nirmal Chowdhury has become the president of the student union after defeating the minister’s daughter by 1465 votes.
Controversy started after pilot supporters to Jaichand

In the student union elections, NSUI could not make its president in a single university. After the elections NSUI held a convention in Jaipur. In this conference, NSUI state president Abhishek Chaudhary targeted the supporters of Sachin Pilot by calling them Jaichand and Vibhishan. Abhishek said, “We lost to Jaichand but NSUI did well.” After this, Divya Maderna poked fun at Abhishek Chaudhary. Divya wrote, “First run out on zero and a great performance. will be.” The last person.”
Student elections: ABVP wins hat-trick in MDS University, Mahipal Godara becomes president, read Ajmer college results
The organization will not be blamed for getting out at zero of NSUI

In a tweet, Divya Maderna also wrote that “Students’ union cannot blame the organization for NSUI’s defeat in elections. Because when it became the president there was a huge uproar, the government itself was in trouble, who became the president of NSUI. Or not.” Be that as it may, no one was interested in it at that time, be it NSUI Bagi in Rajasthan University 2014 or anyone else.” Divya blamed the defeat on the NSUI state president. He said that NSUI did not distribute the tickets properly. Where tickets were given to the right candidates, there was also a lot of delay, due to which the candidate had to face defeat. (Report – Ramswaroop Lamor, Jaipur)

Divya Maderna answered Rathod’s question, saying – because donkeys are more intelligent.


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