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Director Sudhir Mishra told stories related to Om Puri, the veteran actor got upset! Said – ‘I will never work with you’

Bollywood industry veteran director Sudhir Mishra’s films are still crazy. People also gave a lot of love to the movie Serious Man, which came on Netflix 2 years ago. Active in Bollywood for almost 3 decades, director Sudhir Mishra has worked with the country’s biggest actors. Sudhir recently shared all the sweet memories of his career in an interview.

Sudhir Mishra shares his fun shooting experience with famous actor Om Puri. Sudhir said that Om Puri once got angry with him during the shooting. Om Puri had told Sudhir in a complaining tone that now I will never work with you. Sudhir Mishra said that Om Puri was my senior.

Om Puri got angry during the shooting
In a recent interview with Unfiltered by Samdish, Sudhir Mishra shared many fond memories of his journey. Sudhir also shared his experience of working with Om Puri. Sudhir said that Om Puri was a wonderful person and an artist with a tough personality. Sudhir said that I often used to shoot at night. When Om Puri came to know about this, he got angry. Om Puri said to Sudhir on the night shoot, ‘What are you doing, let’s leave’.

Said angrily – I will never work with you…
Sudhir reminisces and says that once we were shooting. Om Puri had to run on the road wearing slippers. We put cameras on both sides of the road and asked them to run. Om Puri got angry after about 4 retakes of this scene. He said that now I will never work with you. Sudhir told that Om Puri was my senior and loved everyone. used to chastise me for shooting at night. However, later he used to tease me in the name of Ladyfinger and say that I eat you at my house.

Om Puri did 2 films with Sudhir
Sudhir says I have done 2 films with Om Puri. In 1983, we worked together in the classical film Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. Sudhir worked as writer and assistant director in this film. After this he also acted in the third film Dharavi directed by Sudhir. Sudhir says we never worked together after that. Behind this, Om Puri believed that new artists should also get a chance.

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