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‘Death Dragon’ found in Argentina

Buenos Aires: Archaeological excavations in the Latin American country of Argentina have unearthed fossils of a snake called ‘Dragon of Death’ in ancient times. This fossil is 86 million years old. The fossil is 30 feet long and is the largest pterosaur found in Latin America. It is the largest flying spine. The researchers said that this creature was very scary.

This dragon of death hunted in prehistoric times. It is estimated that the creature existed on Earth near Mexico until about 20 million years before the planet was destroyed. 66 million years ago, the planet’s collision destroyed three-quarters of all life on Earth. A team of archaeologists has unearthed fossils of this creature in the Andes Mountains in the western Argentine province of Medoza.


Archaeologists have found fossils in Argentina

The largest petrosource ever discovered in Latin America
Leonardo Ortiz, the project’s leader, said the fossils contain features that have never been seen before. It was later combined with the Greek word, Death Dragon. He said it was a proper name for this creature. He said, ‘This is the dragon of death.’ It looked like a school bus. Its wingspan was 30 feet. Archaeologists have unearthed 40 bones and other organs.

Archaeologists say that the large bones of this fossil indicate that it is the largest pterosaur ever discovered in Latin America. It is one of the largest petrosources discovered in the world. He also discovered that the rock in which the fossil was trapped was 8.60 million years old. There is no creature like this species anywhere in the world. With this research, scientists are now hoping to find out more about the petrosource.


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