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Dastan-Go: Pradeep Kumar… the ‘Shah’ of the silver screen, dies at the end of real life!

story-telling Is there any time to read and listen to stories? It might have happened. Or it won’t. But one thing is certain. Stories, stories are interesting for everyone. It would be better if they attend on time. If it’s not, it’s in the past, but it’s not bad. Because they always go not only by telling us something, but also by teaching. Brings back memories of our times. Even after sweetening the spice of Gambhir, they drink it gently. That is why ‘Dastan-Go’ has started, the process of bringing interesting stories to your loved ones. Will try to continue this process. Monday to Friday, daily…


sir, Consider a flat in ‘Janak Building’ building at Ramayana Road location in Calcutta. Here ‘Shahana’ is an old man of stature and appearance, passing the days of poverty. They have three daughters and one son. All four rich and famous. But at this moment all four have left them alone. Why? Tell them why. But none of them come to see them. Despite this, these elderly people are victims of paralysis. He can’t get out of bed. They don’t have a house to live in. There is no money for treatment. And this house in which they have found shelter is also managed by Pradeep Kundalia, a businessman from Calcutta. He has also left a boy at the flat for his care. Also he is bearing the cost of treatment etc. In between, when they get time, they come here to see them.

Kundaliyas have known this ‘brilliant’ personality for a long time. Respect them. That is why as soon as they know that they are going through the days of failure. are in a state of scarcity. Since then it has been arranged for them. The boy who is engaged to take care of them also gives them a lot of respect. is ‘non’, but cares for them more than himself. every time. He is called ‘Papa Ji’. But ‘Papaji’ has nothing left to give to this ‘own boy’. There was a time when wealth, fame Name, which they did not have. But now they tempt even for short breaths. And one day those breaths also leave the company. Here the age of 76 years stops. They leave this world leaving that ‘her boy’ alone. This is from the year 2001. However, the boy has not given up on them yet.

The name of this boy is being told as Sagar Chaudhary. It is said that he currently works in an office in the ‘Park Centre’ of Calcutta. After leaving work there, they also do cleaning work somewhere. So that he can earn more than this and celebrate ‘Papa Ji’s birthday with this money. Every year on January 4, his ‘Papa Ji”s birthday comes. And sir, do you know the name of these ‘Papa Ji’ of the sea? Pradeep Kumar, who was once a popular actor in the film industry. Pradeep Kumar, who was said to be the only one who can effectively play the role of a king, prince, king, prince on the screen, is him. Pradeep Kumar, who made his mark as ‘Shahana’ in the film world during the 1950s and later 1960s.

Pradeep Kumar

In films like ‘Adil-e-Jahangir’ (1955) and ‘Noor Jahan’ (1967), Pradeep Kumar appeared as Emperor Jahangir with Meena Kumari. While in the film ‘Anarkali’ (1953) he played the role of Shahzada Jahangir, the ‘Anarkali of the screen’ with Bina Rai. She also appeared as ‘Baadshah’ with Mala Sinha, another popular actress of that era. The film of the same name came out in 1954. He did about eight films with Mala Sinha. These include ‘New Age’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘Detective’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Ek Shola’, ‘Duniya Na Manno’, ‘Mitti Che Sona’. While he did about seven films with Meena Kumari. Apart from the two mentioned earlier, ‘Bandhan’, ‘Chitralekha’, ‘Bahu-Begum’, ‘Bhigi Raat’ and ‘Aarti’. In some films like 1969’s ‘Sambandh’, he appeared in impressive roles. While in the last round again Raja S.

In the year 1983, famous filmmaker Kamal Amrohi made ‘Razia Sultan’ and released it. It is said that while making this film, they did not think of any actor other than Pradeep Kumar for the role of Badshah in it. Pradeep Kumar maintained such an influence in the film world. Pradeep Sahib belonged to a strict Bengali speaking Bengali Brahmin family. But Urdu and Hindi were spoken in such a way that even those who called these languages ​​their own once became anxious to learn from them, listen. It is said that Pradeep Kumar learned Hindi, Urdu especially to give life to the roles of emperors, emperors, princes in films. So that no one is ever confused by those watching and listening to them on the screen. And indeed her height, looks, personality, everything was always ‘cool’.

Although there must have been some ease in establishing this identity for Pradeep Sahib, it is not so. As already mentioned. He belonged to a strict Bengali Brahmin family. The family named Sheetal as Batbyal. The hobby of watching movies started from an early age. ‘Dada Muni’ of ‘Aluk’ of Bengal used to watch pictures of Ashok Kumar. That’s when it came to my mind that I have to go into the film world. Started participating in plays etc. in school, college. After this one day when he would be 17-18 years old (born in 1925) he mentioned for the first time at home, ‘I want to go to movies’. Had to listen so much that storm came in the house. Walid was very angry. But they didn’t move. Even after seeing the displeasure of family members, Walid took steps towards the film world. Pradeep Sahib himself has mentioned this in some interviews.

Pradeep Kumar

During a conversation with the well-known face of films, Tabassum, Pradeep Sahab once told, ‘I started my film journey as an assistant cameraman. Then famous filmmaker Debaki Bose brought me in front of the camera. When I acted in his film ‘Alaknanda’, people started noticing me from there. At this time I would be around 19-20 years old. After that I came to Bombay. Shashadhar Mukherjee and Dada-Muni started Filmistan Studio there. joined them. When my first three films – ‘Anand Math’ (1952), ‘Anarkali’ (1953) and ‘Naagin’ (1954) – were released under that banner, the bus took off from there. Everyone knows the story behind him. Sir, the journey of Pradeep Sahib started from here, there came a time when he started releasing 10 films in a year.

However, despite this, some people say that the ‘Shah of Film Parde’ Pradeep Sahib could never become the ‘Emperor of Box Office’. That means his films did not earn money on the basis of his name, his performance, his face. It is also said that he could not earn as much wealth as he did from films. It is said that his children also left him helpless to die at the last moment. While one of his children, Bina Mukherjee, earned a lot of name and money by working in films, serials etc. But he also did not help his father in the last round. Apart from this, the issue of the date of Pradeep Sahib’s departure has also remained the same as ‘jitne mouth utne baaten’. Some call this date October 28. Some people’s thoughts stop on November 3rd. So many people say 27 October.

For this story, this date of Pradeep Sahib’s death is considered to be 27th October as most people believe it to be correct. Among them, where there are people associated with the film world, there is also the confirmation of some people who know Pradeep Sahib. However, the issue of the authenticity of what they said still remains that why did their children leave their father so helpless at the last moment? Whatever wealth, recognition, fame she gained from the film world, why couldn’t she act at the last moment? What happened that the ‘kings of the screen’ became bankrupt in the last stage of real life? Even today, why does a ‘Gair’ (Sagar Chaudhary) have to celebrate his ‘Pradeep Papa Ji’s birthday every year by collecting money from cleaning work like this? All such questions are related to the life of Pradeep Sahib. The fog on them should be cleared. It is better if their family members, who know them closely, take the initiative.

That’s all for today. God Hafiz

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