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Crocodile News: Do crocodiles really cry? How different are they from crocodiles?

New Delhi: You must know about crocodiles. You may have seen it in the zoo too, but if the name Gharial is mentioned, you might get confused. You may think that both are the same. If you really believe this, clear up the misunderstanding. There is a difference between a crocodile and a crocodile. what Today we will talk in this episode of ‘Jungle News’.

The first is the easiest difference
The biggest difference that you will know just by looking at it is that it is a crocodile i.e. a crocodile and it is a crocodile. In fact, the crocodile’s mouth is wide at the front, one or two teeth are visible even when the mouth is closed. Also, the crocodile’s mouth looks like a beak. Alligators are heavy and alligators are light.

Gharial is called a fish-eating crocodile. There is a reason behind this too. Crocodiles are unable to fully open their jaws, so they only prey on small animals. While crocodiles attack larger animals. Many Kora experts point out that the gharial has a pot-like shape on its beak, hence its name. They are mainly found in the Indian subcontinent. When the weather is cold, they are seen outside in the sun and when the heat rises, they go into the water.

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Why do crocodiles cry?

Now let’s talk a little about crocodile tears. Yes, you must have heard this saying from the mouth of politicians or from someone else. Do crocodiles really cry? Yes, tears are shed but it cannot be called crying. In fact, they take in a lot of air while chewing meat. Due to this, there is pressure on the gland and tears start coming from the eyes. Another reason is mentioned. A crocodile’s third eyelid folds over its eyes to stay in water. Tears flow to keep it moist. It is not correct to call them tears, that’s why ‘crocodile tears’ are used to fake someone’s crying.

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Crocodiles are more aggressive but crocodiles are not quick to attack humans. Crocodiles can go without food for long periods of time. Their body heat escapes through the mouth, which is why they keep their mouths open. Gharials are found in the fresh waters of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh while crocodiles are found all over the world. In India, crocodiles are found mostly in Chambal, Son rivers.

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