Friday, December 9, 2022
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Congress Rally: There is no way left from Ramlila Maidan, Rahul Gandhi told why the Join Bharat Yatra became necessary

New Delhi: Congress held rally against inflation in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan Rahul Gandhi Targeting the Modi government, he said that an attempt is being made to suppress the voice of the opposition. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said on Sunday that we are not being allowed to speak in Parliament. The country is dominated by only two industrialists. Today the country is divided into two parts. Rahul Gandhi said that government interference has increased from media to other institutions. We are not being allowed to speak even in Parliament, today we have no other option left. He explained why the trip to India became necessary.

Rahul Gandhi said that everyone is watching the condition of the country. Ever since the BJP government came to power, hatred and anger have been on the rise in the country. Who hates? Hate is a form of fear. Today the fear of inflation and unemployment is increasing. BJP and RSS leaders divide the country and deliberately create fear. For what and why? Who is benefiting from this hatred? Is the common man benefiting from this fear?

Rahul Gandhi said that two industrialists are taking advantage in the last 8 years. Ask other entrepreneurs too. Everyone saw what happened in demonetisation. What was the Farmers Act for? Farmers of India took to the streets and demonstrated their strength. Seeing the strength of farmers, Narendra Modi had to withdraw the law. BJP has made the condition of India such that the country will not be able to employ its youth. The unemployment that is seen today will increase in the near future.

Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi asks what Congress has done in 70 years. We say that we have never seen such inflation. When the opposition wants to raise these issues in Parliament, Modi and his government do not allow them to speak. Can’t talk about inflation, unemployment, China in Parliament. They are interfering on TV newspaper. Why did Rahul Gandhi say that India Joko Yatra was necessary? We have to go directly to the people. Since they control the media and do not allow them to speak in Parliament, then they have to travel.


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