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China’s aircraft carrier killer missiles are a big threat to INS Vikrant, America is also afraid

The Indian Navy today received its second aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inducted INS Vikrant into the Navy at Kochi. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and former sailors of the old INS Vikrant were also present on the occasion. India has now joined the select list of countries that have the capability to build indigenous aircraft carriers. However, China is definitely eyeing this super powerful aircraft carrier of India. China already has two aircraft carriers equipped with similar technology and a third aircraft carrier equipped with electromagnetic catapults is currently undergoing sea trials. However, the biggest threat to India’s INS Vikrant is China’s carrier killer missiles. China claims that it has two such missiles, which can sink any aircraft carrier in the world in moments. These missiles are so fast and dangerous that even America is not hit by them.

China has two aircraft carrier killer missiles

China has disputes with countries in the South China Sea and East China Sea. America has very good relations with most of China’s enemies. America’s aircraft carriers are considered its largest sea power. In such a situation, China has developed two carrier killer missiles to sink American aircraft carriers. One of these DF-17 missiles is capable of flying at hypersonic speeds. Not only this, the missile is equipped with an advanced guidance system. The DF-17 can be launched from a warship or from a missile base on land. While the second YJ-21 missile can be fired miles away at sea with the help of strategic bombers. In such a situation, the YJ-21 missile can also destroy an aircraft carrier located far from the coast.

How dangerous is China’s DF-17 missile?


China’s DF-17 is one of the most dangerous missiles in the world. Flying at hypersonic speeds, this missile is very difficult to track with any anti-defense system. This solid-fueled missile follows a fairly curved path to reach its target rather than a straight path. The missile is mounted on a DF-ZF hypersonic glide vehicle, which separates from the main rocket at a certain time after launch and attains hypersonic speed. The DF-ZF, along with the DF-17, was officially launched on 1 October 2019 at China’s National Day Military Parade. This missile weighs 15000 kg and is 11 meters long. Its operational range is said to be 1800 to 2500 km.

The US does not even have the cut of the DF-17 missile


The DF-17 missile is capable of striking at hypersonic speeds of up to 2500 km. A top US general has admitted that it does not have an effective air defense system to stop China’s DF-17s. The missile was first demonstrated last year on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. The missile weighs 15000 kg and is 11 meters long, which can carry nuclear warheads in addition to conventional explosives. In simple words, this missile is also capable of nuclear attack.

China’s YJ-21 missile is no less dangerous


China’s YJ-21 missile is known as an aircraft carrier killer. It can be launched from China’s Xian H-6N strategic bomber. The world knows very little about this Chinese missile, so Western countries see it as a mystery. NATO has named this Chinese Air Launched Carrier Killer Missile CH-AS-X-13. China claims that this missile can target any aircraft carrier from a long distance. Not only this, since it is launched from a plane, its range and radar sighting are also very less. The US has the largest number of aircraft carriers in the world. There is also tension between China and America over Taiwan, South and East China Sea. In such a situation, this Chinese missile is being considered as the biggest threat to America.

Know the power of YJ-21 missile


China’s YJ-21 missile is capable of hitting ranges of 800 and 900 miles. This missile can target a ship or aircraft carrier with conventional weapons. This missile can cleverly evade radar in its second stage. Like ballistic missiles, this missile also moves towards its target at hypersonic speed, but its angle remains such that the air defense system of the warship fails to detect its threat. This is the reason why it is called career killer. The missile can be launched by strategic bombers, warships and missile launchers at sea.

China already has 2 aircraft carriers


China has two ski jump aircraft carriers, as does India, and a Type 003 class is undergoing sea trials. China’s third aircraft carrier, the Fujian, is equipped with electromagnetic catapults to launch heavy aircraft like the US supercarriers. This means that it uses electromagnetic catapults systems instead of sky jumps to launch the aircraft carrier. So far, only the US, Britain and France have aircraft carriers with such technology. The Fujian aircraft carrier has a displacement of over 80,000 tons. Thus its enormous size can be estimated. The aircraft carrier has a length of 300 meters and a maximum width of 78 meters.


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