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China-US dispute: ‘US entry into Indo-Pacific like NATO expansion in Eastern Europe’, China threatens to have serious consequences

Beijing: A senior Chinese diplomat has said that the US’s Indo-Pacific policy is as “dangerous” as NATO’s expansion into Europe to the east, prompting Russia to launch a special military operation in Ukraine. “The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) also has a history after the dissolution of the Soviet Union,” said Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Lee Yucheng at the International Security and Strategy Forum organized by the Center for International Security and Strategy at Xinhua University on Saturday. . Warsaw Pact. “

“However, instead of collapsing, NATO’s base is growing and strengthening,” Yucheng said. The consequences are well worth the effort. The Ukraine crisis is a stark warning. Chinese officials say NATO’s plan to annex Kyiv has increased Russia’s insecurity, prompting Russian President Vladimir Putin to call for military action against Ukraine.
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China says support Russia-Ukraine talks
China, a close ally of Moscow, has refrained from calling Russia’s military action an attack or condemning Russia’s military action against Ukraine. Yucheng, China’s former ambassador to India, said “all parties should support Russia and Ukraine to reach a stage of joint dialogue and reconciliation, which will lead to peace in the region.”

‘NATO avoids going east’
“Because NATO made a promise at the time, it should not back down from its word and avoid spreading to the East,” he said. The desire for complete security actually leads to complete insecurity. “Advancing the Indo-Pacific strategy, assembling closed or small specialized centers or clusters, and moving the region towards fragmentation and block-based division is as dangerous as spreading to Eastern Europe,” Yucheng said. NATO strategy.

‘We must save Asia’s future’
“If this strategy is allowed to continue unabated, it will have unimaginable consequences and will ultimately plunge the Asia-Pacific into the abyss,” he warned. According to excerpts from the speech released on the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s website, Yucheng said that we must firmly hold the future of Asia in our hands and pursue an independent, balanced and prudent foreign policy, so that Promote Asia-Pacific regional integration. The process can be strengthened through unity.


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