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China-Taiwan war: China will have to face the consequences… China is angry about Taiwan, now it has openly threatened this country.

Beijing: China has now threatened another European country Czech Republic to increase friendship with Taiwan. China has said it will face consequences if it strengthens ties with Taiwan. The Chinese embassy in the Czech Republic said the Czech delegation’s visit to Taiwan is a serious violation of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. In fact, a delegation from the Czech Republic is about to visit Taiwan. Meanwhile, many issues including trade, tourism and chip can also be discussed between Taiwan and the Czech Republic. Earlier, China had severed relations with another European country, Lithuania, over the Taiwan issue. A 14-member Czech delegation led by senator and former president of the Czech Academy of Sciences Jiri Dros will arrive in Taiwan on Sunday for a six-day visit, Taiwan’s foreign ministry said on Saturday.

China said – this is a violation of our sovereignty
After this, the Chinese embassy said in a statement that this step is an open support for the separatist forces advocating for the independence of Taiwan. This is a serious violation of China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Not only this, it is a gross violation of the basic norms of international relations and bilateral political commitments. The embassy said the Czech delegation’s visit to Taiwan undermines the political foundation of China-Czech Republic bilateral relations.

The Czech Republic will strengthen relations with Taiwan in these areas
Jiri Dros, former president of the Czech Academy of Sciences, told Taiwan’s Central News Agency on Thursday that European countries intend to strengthen ties with Taiwan in other areas of culture, science and soft power. On Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning urged the Czech side to respect the One China principle.

China was angry with Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan
In early August this year, China reacted strongly to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China also conducted its largest ever exercise in Taiwanese waters. Meanwhile, China also fired several missiles at Taiwan. For weeks, Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwan’s airspace in a show of force. Due to this, the tension between China and Taiwan has reached its peak. China condemned Pelosi’s visit as an endorsement of separatism.

These countries have sent their delegations to Taiwan
Despite China’s displeasure, many countries including France, Lithuania, America and Japan have sent their delegations to Taiwan. Japan has also begun talks on planning to evacuate its citizens from Taiwan in the event of war. Taiwan presents itself as an independent country since 1949. However, China claims that Taiwan is an integral part of it and can annex it even by using force.


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